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    Annie Weatherwax, the 2017 Hamilton Life Achievement Award Recipient

    Dyslexic Artist Visits March 3

    The 2017 Hamilton School at Wheeler Life Achievement Award, presented for overcoming the challenges of a learning difference, will honor artist/writer Annie Weatherwax on Friday, March 3 on campus.  In addition to visiting with students on campus during the day, Weatherwax will receive the award at the annual "Mind Your p's & q's Party" at Hamilton, a school-within-a-school for students in Gr. 1-8 with learning differences. Hamilton has presented this award for more than 25 years to celebrate and bring awareness to the strengths and talents of those with a learning difference.

    Want to watch a video about our recipient's novel, All We Had?  Click here.
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  • Parent Visiting Day Info

    Wheeler Day, our annual campus visiting day for current parents, is set for Friday, January 27.  Come see how your kids spend their day at Wheeler!  From classrooms to recess, travelling across campus and more -- a lot happens after drop-off each morning! Click here to register and to see the schedule for the day.
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