Arts at Wheeler

Fostering creativity and self-expression through visual and performing arts

Mary C. Wheeler was an Impressionist painter who believed art brought education to life; from the School’s first years, the arts have always been central to the Wheeler experience.

Each of our divisions at Wheeler integrates visual and performing arts into its curriculum, giving students of all ages the opportunity to grow through self-expression, to explore new genres and disciplines, to develop their artistic skills, and to explore questions about themselves and the world around them through art making.

Through the arts, students also connect to the larger school community as well as the wider community around us.

Visual Arts

Our well-respected Chazan Gallery, which showcases local artists, mounted its first show in the original Wheeler Gallery in 1969. Students get to exhibit there each spring. Our Public Art Initiative was launched in 2007 to bring art for all to enjoy on the outdoor spaces of our two campuses. Recently, student and faculty artists created — on nearby Thayer Street — murals to raise eyebrows and awareness about the urban coyote and to put viewers INSIDE Claude Monet’s Giverny garden. We believe in creativity.


Performing Arts

In a variety of amazing facilities within the Gilder Center for the Arts, Wheeler Hall, and beyond, students can create, perform, and learn about dance, music, and theatre in a department rich with professional performing artists. At Wheeler, we believe in sharing our creativity as well, so student performers support a variety of community events and pop up at local schools, daycares, and senior centers.

See our Performing Arts Calendar here.

Visual Arts

Our students continue to walk in Miss Wheeler’s path of creativity and expression through our extensive visual arts programming, tailored to each child’s age and developmental level.

Performing Arts

The performing arts encourage self-expression, confidence, and collaboration; Wheeler offers music, dance, drama, and more to give all of our students their chance in the spotlight.

Chazan Gallery

The Chazan Gallery is our nonprofit artists’ space, exhibiting contemporary work by artists living or working nearby, chosen via an open jury process. The gallery is open to, and beloved by, the Providence community.

Newsworthy Arts