On the Farm

Two complementary campuses — one embedded in a historic, education-rich neighborhood on the East Side of Providence, the other, a spectacular pastoral refuge just five miles away.

The Importance of Place

School Founder Mary Wheeler’s vision to have a rural counterpart to her city campus led her in 1912 to purchase 70 acres of working farmland and a Victorian house for the sum of $3250.00.  With investment over the years, Wheeler’s school grew this hidden gem of a property to 120 acres of fields, ponds, rocks, woodlands, and meadows.  The natural environment provides a sort of emotional, even spiritual, respite to the intensity of a city. It has become our place to exhale.

From soccer games on crisp fall afternoons, to the shout of 6th graders using found objects and lots of trial and error to construct a ‘secret’ fort on Junebug Mountain, to our community garden planting on Founder’s Day and our youngest students building both resilience and wonder on Forest & Farm Days to the tumult of summer campers racing across the sun-streaked trails, this second campus continues to draw students and teachers to its gifts.