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A unique and innovative “school-within-a-school” model which, by design, meets students with learning differences where they are in their educational journey and provides them with highly individualized and intentional instruction and dynamic learning experiences that allow them to experience success and consistently work toward their true learning potential.

For 35 years, the Hamilton School at Wheeler has served elementary and middle school children with great overall cognitive ability but who struggle with reading, organization, and study skills due to dyslexia, attention-deficit disorder (ADHD), executive function deficits, or other learning differences.  We believe — and prove daily — that our students can learn essential skills, meet the highest expectations, and experience success.

At the Hamilton School at Wheeler, we provide consistent opportunities for our students to embrace their learning differences and develop effective self-advocacy skills.  We intentionally use specific terms such as “dyslexia” and “attention variability” as a way for our students to name their learning differences and explain why certain strategies and accommodations are necessary to support their learning.  Our Hamilton School students develop their voices to advocate for what they need to experience success. 

For more information about the Hamilton School at Wheeler, please contact our Enrollment Office. Numerous resources, events, and information about learning differences can also be found at our Hamilton Institute for Outreach and Advocacy.

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Listen to a video made by 6th graders at The Hamilton School at Wheeler describing their dyslexia.

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