What Are Learning Differences?

Do you have a different way of learning?  Yes, you do. We all do.

Students who have been diagnosed with a learning difference—the term we prefer at Wheeler because we believe differences are not deficits—come to Hamilton having often struggled with school. They leave Hamilton with strength in academics, skills for learning and for life.

In addition, Hamilton offers parent and guardians programs and resources. An outreach branch of our School, The Hamilton Institute, offers teacher training and workshops for the public.

Identifying students with a learning difference is the start of the Hamilton enrollment process.  Here are some resources to help you define a learning difference.

Lastly, each year for more than 25 years, The Hamilton School at Wheeler presents its Life Achievement Award to a successful individual who has learning differences and a passion for learning. Watch our website for news of the next individual who will visit our campus to illustrate the talents of learning differences. Above is Brown University graduate and Speechify developer/entrepreneur Cliff Weitzman, the youngest recipient of the Hamilton School Life Achievement Award who visited students at Hamilton and Wheeler in 2019.