Wheeler Invocation 2021: A Gathering

June 14, 2021

By Ann Bruno, Upper School English Teacher


A Gathering

Let us gather here in this place

where we played in the dirt,

dug cleats into packed earth,

passed the baton, rounded the bend;

let us gather in the echo

of Sondheim sung in a cool clearing,

of the clean squeak of rubber soles on gym floor,

of secrets whispered on Junebug Mountain.

Let us gather under the same sun that led us

through unfamiliar gates on a street called Hope

to rooms where we found derivatives,

incorporated evidence, mastered the subjunctive,

crafted, hypothesized, dissected,

where our fingers were stained with paint.

Let us gather in the name of candles lit

from someone else’s flame,

in the name of shared sorrow, shared joy,

in the name of friendship

lighting our faces like firepit embers.

Let us gather in the beauty of

pink petals and baby quail,

of clouds shaped like lions and cows;

let us gather in the cadences

of one another’s recited names.

Let us gather so that we might

make room in our hearts

for accidents,

for all that we can’t predict,

for the love of those whom we haven’t yet met.

Let us gather in this fluttering green air,

so that we might have the faith and valor

to go forth into the unknown

with gratitude for having been here together.

Let us gather, this very day,

so that we might begin.

Woman speaking at podium
Ann Bruno, US English Teacher, P’19, ’20, recites her original work “A Gathering” for the Wheeler School’s 132nd Commencement Invocation.

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