Summer Reading Thoughts

February 19, 2021

Wheeler Lower School librarian Brooke Strachan knows winter is a time to curl up with a good book, but it is also a time when schools begin to plan summer reading — another great season for books (but, aren’t they all?)

Getting good, diverse books into the hands and minds of our students to move diversity, equity, and inclusion ahead at Wheeler is the goal as this blog post with book suggestions reveals.

  • Does each of our students find themselves in the books we have chosen?
  • Do the books provide a window for students to examine and explore lived experiences that differ from their own?
  • Will the kids enjoy the books and will they feel they are relevant to their lives?
  • How could the insights they gain from these books be carried into or throughout the school year?

Read the “Ask Prescott” blog here


A librarian talks to four students sitting in comfy chairs in a brightly decorated reading room of the library.
Pre-pandemic, librarian Brooke Strachan talks books with Lower School students in our Lower School library

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