Student Voice: Grace Mazurkie ’24

April 14, 2020

The sound of another’s soothing voice, their smile and their patience to take time to teach another are all important aspects of the emotional side of learning.

During the pandemic, 8th grader Grace Mazurkie learned that she could help her advisor — Middle School Science faculty member Charlotte Stutz — with a tutorial on making a protective mask.  Grace shared this DIY video and Charlotte became the student and was able to make masks for her own children. The resulting mask illustrates how great a teacher Grace became!

Grace tells us she learned to sew from her grandmother.  The family duo is making masks in their spare time for an uncle who is a doctor to share with his health care community.

Mask Making by Grace 24′ from Wheeler School Broadcasting on Vimeo.

Kindergarten student wearing a homemade virus mask.
Following the helpful video instructions, faculty member Charlotte Stutz made one of “Grace’s masks,” as she dubs them, for her daughter.

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