One-Act Plays Return for 2021

May 25, 2021

Returning for the 2021 season, the One Act Play Festival has transitioned from black-box theatre production to audio production under the guidance of US English Teacher Abby Ringiewicz. Students write and perform original works that leverage literary concepts such as character and plot, distilling theater’s complex elements into an enticing story portrayed in a single act.

Wherever these plays find you, if you are relaxing in the grass or listening in your car, please enjoy listening to this year’s One-Act Plays!

ANGELS by Lily Thornton ’24 starring Caitlynna Jian ’24, and Isabelle Mitchell ’24.

Sister and Brother ** by Quinn Kennedy ’24, starring Mayte Segura ’24 and Megan Gibson-Prugh ’23.

** From the writer, Quinn Kennedy, “I would like to let you know beforehand that one of the plays, Sister and Brother, contains mentions of gun violence within schools and deals with some very intense topics. I wanted to alert you as there is no recorded content warning before the play. Thank you!” — Quinn. 


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