Student Voice: Beyanca Guilme ’23

April 28, 2020

Upper School student Beyanca Guilme ’23 is involved in the organization Stages of Freedom. She recently recorded a video message with her singing to inspire people to find common ground during the pandemic.

“I wanted to share a website that has helped me during this quarantine period. I have been working with Stages of Freedom since I was in the 6th grade. It is an organization that focuses on uncovering, interpreting, and empowering the African-American history in Rhode Island through speaking programs, events, exhibits, and more. One of their main goals is to raise money to fund swimming lessons for African-American Youth (and others, of course).

They have recently launched a website called Connected that addresses COVID-19 and provides a way for people to “connect” and find common ground during this difficult time. There are forums and many videos from people who work with the company, including me!

Included below is a link to my video. I encourage all of you to make an account and see what the website has to offer!

Thank you and stay safe!”

A Message of Hope from Beyanca ’23

Teen girl with headphones on recording a video message

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