A Global Approach to Connection and Learning

February 4, 2021

Since September, Amy Bonnici, Fulbright Teacher for Global Classrooms, Spanish Language Faculty, and Coordinator of Global Experiences, has continued to provide students with meaningful global opportunities even when the ability to travel has been put on hold indefinitely.

“As a Fulbright teacher this year I had resources at my fingertips to investigate school partnerships globally and find teachers who had similar goals of connecting their students. These global connections have allowed students to use their Spanish skills while learning about the lives of those with whom they connect and recognizing diverse cultural perspectives.” – Amy Bonnici, Fulbright Teacher, US Spanish Faculty, and Coordinator of Global Experiences.

Through video conferencing apps and educational software like Flipgrid and Padlet, Wheeler US Spanish students have engaged in authentic cultural exchanges with students from partner schools worldwide to strengthen their language skills and build meaningful connections. One student explains the value of being a global citizen.

Why Global Citizenship Matters

By Beyanca Guilme ’23 

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