The Electric Quahogs Head to State Finals

April 1, 2021

From Coach, Dylan Ryder, Director of the Design Innovate and Build (DIB) Lab at Wheeler.

“The robot is programmed to move and play autonomously for the first 30 seconds, where it navigates the course via computer vision, and scores launched rings in the goal. The final minute and a half are remote-controlled by a student driver. What you see [in the video below] is ring pickup, ring launch, and the drop-off of a heavier game element called a “wobble goal,” which must be dropped outside the fenced boundary of the playing field by our mechanical arm.”

The RI FTC State Finals virtual meet runs next week, where the Quahogs will play six more matches, as shown in the video, and the students will participate in a judges interview portion (via Zoom) to close out the season.

“Student participation has tripled this year in Upper School robotics, and we will likely have to field 3 FTC teams next season to meet the demand for robotics at Wheeler!” says Ryder.

Wheeler’s 2021 Robotics Team:

Luc Gaitskell (captain) (12th grade)
Will Kopans (captain)  (11th grade)
11th Grade
Henry Germano (11th grade)
Sam Kurtis (11th grade)
Emma Mirrer (11th grade)
10th grade
Harry Feng
Stephan Bejger
Myles Johnson
Om Khadka
Nathan Rego
Vikram Shankar
Aster Space
9th grade
Caitlynna Jian
Zach Kurtis
B Lambrecht
Beatrice Schroeder
Mayte Segura
Gautam Shankar
Lily Thornton
Tyler Wang
Ethan Yao

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