Nobel Laureate Is 2019 Fox Family Speaker

February 28, 2019

Is our internal clock different from a fruit fly? Essentially, no, according to 2017 Nobel Laureate Dr. Michael Rosbash of Brandeis University. We were delighted to welcome Dr. Rosbash as our 2019 Fox Family Speaker, February 15. Rosbash, who with two colleagues, was honored for discoveries of molecular mechanisms controlling the circadian rhythm, visited Wheeler to discuss his research. Each year the Fox Family Speaker Series at Wheeler brings an adult to campus to talk to students in all grade levels and share their passion for learning. Past speakers include Dr. Jane Goodall, RBG documentary producer Betsy West ’69, and recent Metropolitan Opera composer Nico Muhly ’99.

Hear his interview with two members of our Bio-Med Club on Wheeler School Broadcasting on through our SoundCloud account.

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