Free webinar: Preparing the 21st Century Learner

November 29, 2020

Watch as teachers and students from The Wheeler School give concrete and creative examples of the ways today’s learners are being prepared for tomorrow’s world. Hear teachers and students talk about the benefits of today’s inquiry-based, growth mindset educational methods.

Featured in the webinar:

  • Water rockets, science and experiential learning from The Wheeler Farm campus
  • Writing workshops for young novelists from elementary grades and beyond
  • Growth mindsets and today’s science lab
  • Examples of 21st Century Learning Skills & Academic Rigor

Why it matters:

“To fulfill the needs of the 21st century, employers are keen to hire creative intellects who are adept at working collaboratively … demonstrate (the) capacity to draw expert knowledge and inspiration from collaborative and interdisciplinary mindsets” — Amy Guttman, President, University of Pennsylvania

“Learn how to think rather than what to think. . .exploration can become a fundamental part of what a growing child requires to become a thinking member of society.” — Neil deGrasse Tyson, Astrophysicist

Webinar: How To Prepare 21st Century Learners from Wheeler School PR Office on Vimeo.


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