Aerie Literary Voices, Over the Airwaves

April 20, 2022

A pile of books on a white circular side table. On the top of the pile is a book with text that reads: "Aerie Literary Voices 2022 The Wheeler School." An image of the moon, starts and surface of the earth is on the cover.

Wheeler students recently read their works from the latest issue of the school’s writers’ journal, Aerie Literacy Voices, on WELH. You can listen to the program by playing the embedded audio below.

“Aerie writers were very excited that their writing was broadcast on Wheeler radio!” says Aerie Writer-in-Residence Robert Koppel. As he describes in his introduction to the journal, the audience discovered “exceptional poems, short stories, personal essays, novel excerpts, and dramatic writing. All, the work of Aerie students whose writing–fraught with humor, irony, and angst–informs and entertains in equal proportion. In this year’s installment, readers travel from Little Rhody to Shuikoucun in rural China; traverse rarely explored physical and psychological terrain; visit ancient and future worlds; experience moonshots as far as supercharged imaginations can fire.”

Sophia Blythe ’23 says there was no overall theme for her pieces in the journal, “but they all felt close to home. I started focusing on specific feelings and moments for my poems, and for other pieces, I tried to get out of my comfort zone by writing in a new way or about something difficult.”

Sophia, who loves to write, says Aerie Literary Voices is a great place for students’ work to be published and read. “It is also a great opportunity to get my work out there and get inspired by the other writers. I hope readers enjoy all the unique pieces and appreciate the hard work that has gone into this issue.”

“The radio program was entirely new for me,” Sophia continues. “It was strange to hear my voice and my writing on the radio. But, it was exciting that our work was reaching more people.”

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