Early Childhood Division (Nursery – Kindergarten)

How do you set your child on a path to success as a learner?

You find an environment where playful exploration, joy, and opportunity are around every corner. And you discover an expert faculty who know and thoroughly understand your child—educators who are able to teach you new things you didn’t realize about your young learner.

Our two campuses provide the building blocks our creative faculty use to engage each student. Our Providence campus has bright, fun-filled classrooms, libraries, STEM labs, art, and music rooms, a gymnasium, and several playgrounds.  As a rural counterpoint, our 120-acre Farm campus is where fields, forests, and ponds become the natural place for learning and an introduction to math, science, language and more.

Look into our Early Childhood classrooms of Nursery, Pre-Kindergarten, and Kindergarten and you’ll find teachers encouraging play and exploration. Children sing songs to build vocabulary, work with simple machines, or use blocks to understand early math or art concepts. A dedicated Early Childhood Librarian, library collection and story room build imagination and literacy. And all Early Childhood students spend the day on the Farm campus on a regular schedule for “Forest & Farm Days. ” At the Farm, a stump becomes a fulcrum for a seesaw or the base of a fort or fairy castle, and a tree’s bark becomes a lesson about fungi or one of touch and resilience.


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Nursery Blasts Off to the Moon

Our Nursery students study the night sky and use their play-based curriculum to design, build and ultimately “fly” a rocket to the Moon.