Lower School at Wheeler

Learning—and learning how to learn—begins in our Lower School. With The Nest Preschool for 2.9 – 5 year-olds, Early Childhood Kindergarten and an Elementary Education Division for Grades 1-5, Wheeler’s Lower School sparks the joy of learning. With our expert faculty, your child will build skills in reading, math, language and more in a safe, trusting, and fun campus environment.

Our Goal

The goal of Wheeler’s Lower School is to support your child in developing the academic skills, personal awareness, and emotional resilience necessary to be a successful learner and valued member of the community.

Our Program

Wheeler Lower School offers a creative, joyful, learning experience built on an enriched daily program responsive to your child. Our signature Aerie Approach enables every student to discover, explore and develop personal interests and academic passions that go beyond the curriculum. The experienced teachers in our Lower School are extraordinary, enthusiastic, creative, and deeply invested in your child’s success. As a community, students learn to adapt to and work with the full range of emotion, develop greater self-awareness, and through reflection, discover and embrace their own evolving identities. Students also learn to cultivate healthy relationships through compassion, inclusion and valuing multiple perspectives.

Our Community

A defining aspect of Wheeler’s Lower School is its strong sense of community. At weekly Community Meetings, grade levels may perform or exhibit their work as well as listen and learn from each other. In addition, Lower School has a buddy system between older and young grades to build these community connections. Special events bring all students from Kindergarten-Grade 12 together. Two memorable bookend moments take place each year. At the Opening School Assembly, our Senior Class walks hand in hand with Early Childhood students to seats of honor. These students create the backdrop while the Head of School presents a Welcome Back To School address.  At Field Day each spring, the March of Purples and Golds leads off as Seniors again link hands with our youngest students to walk onto the field at the Wheeler Farm. Field Day is the oldest continuous Wheeler tradition and our students love it.

Contact the Lower School Director Dr. Felicia Vinces.

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Age Requirements

Nest Preschool registrants are ages 2.9 – 5.

Kindergarten applicants must be five (5) years old by August 31.

Lower School Administration

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