What parents say about Wheeler

February 3, 2020

We asked parents in a 2020 survey to tell us what they like most about Wheeler.  In their own words, parents from all across the school shared the following comments.  If you want to know more about Wheeler or talk to a parent, contact Anna Curtis, Director of Enrollment.

  • A vibrant community dedicated to excellence and innovation in education. Engaged teachers and students. Experienced and smart faculty and leadership.
  • I like that my daughter is known by everyone due to the small environment and that she will have the opportunity to pursue whatever interests she might develop as the years go on.
  • The school’s constant research and evaluation of best practices in education. The commitment to innovation (that gets implemented in a purposeful and strategic manner) that will enhance the students’ educational experience in productive and meaningful ways. Also, the personalized attention students receive and the way they are encouraged to find their passions and pursue them in a healthy and compassionate environment.
  • We admire Wheeler most for developing an environment in which high academic achievement is balanced with emotional/physical wellness.
  • I very much value that Wheeler truly works to educate students with different learning styles.
  • Top-notch facilities and campus, keeping up with the latest innovations in education
  • Attention paid to “whole child” and how it has brought out the best in both of my very different children.
  • I like the fact that the student body and faculty/staff have a decently diverse cross-section of humanity. I also very much appreciate the Aerie (enrichment) program and the fact that students can take Aerie classes for the love of the subject matter and not just to get another grade.
  • I love the way the faculty know and respect our child–his strengths are appreciated, and his “growth areas” are nurtured with a nice blend of support, guidance, and firmness. I appreciate the school’s commitment to an inclusive social vision and to psychological health.
  • I value the teachers and guardians at the school. I believe supporting their wellness and professional development will yield benefits. The Aerie program (exposing Lower School students to Mandarin, Polish, etc.), the academic rigor, the quality, hours, and availability of WOW (aftercare) and the Providence campus are the key factors that made us choose Wheeler.

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