The Attack on the U.S. Capitol

January 6, 2021

Dear Wheeler community,

Like many of you, I am grappling with how to process what is unfolding in Washington DC this evening as we move through what should be a peaceful transfer of power, a bedrock of stability and strength in our nation.

Regarding the safety of school community members, please know that we are paying close attention and that if we feel there is a threat to safety, we will notify you of our next steps.

We know that tonight will be filled with conversation and concern for many. We know that homework may not be completed. Tomorrow, we will offer times for students to engage with one another with teacher supervision as appropriate to discuss and debrief the events of this day, which will be frightening for many of them, and you, the adults they look to for comfort. Some adults and students, we know, will also want regularity and predictability, also a normal response.

While our democracy has certainly been tested over these months, I believe strongly that our commitment to it will be sustained and strengthened by this stressor. It is my great hope and expectation that calm will be restored and the peaceful transfer of power will continue in the days ahead.

Finally, I am once again reminded that it is a privilege, one that we don’t take for granted, to work with young people and help them develop habits of citizenship. They have risen to the occasion during this pandemic, and they will rise as citizens, too, who know the value and the fragility of democracy. I believe they will fight for it their whole lives. They are an inspiration for all of us and a source of hope, especially for days like today.

Go easy this evening, and take care,

Allison Gaines Pell
Head of School

Head of School standing in front of Hope Building

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