Be A Warrior: Middle School 5-Day Workout during virtual learning

April 7, 2020

There are a number of reasons why exercise is important during social distancing besides the usual benefits of a healthy heart and body.

Wheeler’s Athletic Trainer Nate Withington, and incoming Athletic Director and Varsity Boys Basketball Coach Sean Kelly ’02, have some tips on working out at home for children — these directed in particular to Middle School athletes.  Learn why physical movement is important during this time of physical distancing and then download the Wheeler 5-Day Workout Circuit below!

From The Athletic Trainer

“As Athletic Trainer at The Wheeler School, I chose to use simple, large muscle body movements that would be easy for our middle school student-athletes to perform.  I also chose to put this workout in a circuit format so our student-athletes can get moving with minimal downtime between exercises.  Another reason I chose these exercises is the minimal space and equipment needed to perform this program.   There are many exercise options out there but I figured this workout would be something that is easy, fun and would keep our middle school students engaged. Below are the reasons you should be exercising now — Nate Withington MS, ATC, CSCS Athletic Trainer

  • First, exercise helps to boost your immune system which helps to fight off infection.
  • Secondly, exercise helps to relieve stress/increase mental health. This is important due to the anxiety of staying indoors for prolonged periods of time. Exercise helps you feel better.
  • Lastly, to exercise during this time of social distancing helps to bring a sense of normalcy to a not-so-normal social/school schedule.  Any sense of a normal routine/exercise schedule should be followed to help boost mental and physical health.

From the Coach/Athletic Director

Wheeler’s incoming Athletic Director, and longtime Boys Varsity Basketball Coach, Sean Kelly ’02 explains why working out without a regular sports season or access to school gymnasium is still important:

“One of the things that I have always loved about Wheeler is our ability to be creative and adapt to anything. It is part of the Wheeler DNA! While our student-athletes do not have the opportunity to play on their school teams or be in a gym, this workout provides them a chance to stay healthy, while getting quicker, stronger, and faster with a touch of that Wheeler creativity. Our goal as a community during this challenging time is to grow individually and collectively, and Nate and I feel like athletics and this program is a great way to support that goal.” — Sean Kelly ’02, Varsity Boys Basketball Coach and incoming Athletic Director

Download the Free 5-Day Workout

Wheeler Middle School 5 Day Workout


Athletic Trainer Nate Withington and incoming Athletic Director Sean Kelly sit in a radio station on campus.
Athletic Trainer Nate Withington (left) and incoming Athletic Director Sean Kelly ’02 (right) at the campus radio station during a past podcast session.

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