Our Voices

Our New Mission and Strategic Design

July 28, 2019

Read this special focus section, written by Head of School Allison Gaines Pell, that explains why Wheeler needs to lead and the important process to choose a new Mission for the School. She discusses the changing landscape of education, the Top 10 Skills for 2020, and the current… Read More

Not Waiting For Tomorrow

July 25, 2019

How a visit to an innovation school founded by MIT graduates inspired a new Wheeler partnership. Upon entering the NuVu Innovation School in Cambridge, founded by graduates of MIT, you can feel that something is different. On the day that I visited with several faculty members, administrators and trustees, we… Read More

Writers’ Escape

July 21, 2019

The Aerie program takes a student’s passion for learning beyond the classroom.  Read how young novelists take advantage of the opportunity to work with professional writers as mentors. Wheeler prides itself on a demanding writing curriculum. The process of discovering and developing a student’s voice is central to our… Read More

Aerie In Upper School

July 21, 2019

Students share the opportunities of the Aerie Approach. Want to learn Debate? Be in the Model UN?  Explore your passion for learning with us. Read More

Neuroplasticity and ‘Annoying’ Questions

July 19, 2019

What does Wheeler’s new “Learn our Powers” mission statement, big questions, diversity, and neuroplasticity have to do with each other? The short answer is lots. The slightly more detailed answer is all the things that make teaching and learning at Wheeler, especially in the Middle School, engaging and vivid. Read More

Student Voice: Laila Mirza ’19

July 19, 2019

While in France studying with School Year Abroad, junior Laila Mirza wrote this reflective piece about being Muslim in America.  Her favorite classes include Politics and European History, and she eventually wants to be an international relations lawyer and, hopefully, work at the United… Read More