Our Voices

A Q&A with Elizabeth Dabanka ‘16

December 10, 2019

By Meryl Willett, Storyteller   Currently, a student at Brandeis University majoring in Politics and International Global Studies with a minor in African & Afro American Studies, Elizabeth “Lizy” Dabanka `16 is making her way through politics with internships in Parliament in London… Read More

Growing Minds: The Greatest Gifts Are Within Your Child

December 2, 2019

For many in our community, the winter holidays are about the exchange of gifts, broadly speaking – the gift of family, friends, great food, traditions, and of course things. One of the most important gifts, I feel, are those that stem from within each of us: our social-emotional… Read More

Literary Voices through Aerie

November 14, 2019

By Bob Koppel, Aerie Instructor ROBERT KOPPEL is the critically acclaimed author of fiction and nonfiction books that have been translated into many languages. His novels are, THE NEXT STEP, WHY LOVE?, and IVAN LEFKOWITZ.   SOME WHEELER LITERARY VOICES At Wheeler good writing abounds, spanning a spectrum… Read More

In Our Neighborhood: Three Student Vignettes

November 6, 2019

As 8th graders move into the Cityside Program, they enjoy interdisciplinary learning to explore Providence’s 25 neighborhoods and work with various NGOs, non-profit organizations, community groups, and branches of government for civic engagement, project-based learning, inquiry, and research. Cityside supports students in their exploration of interests as they… Read More

My Sisters’ Keeper: Junia Janvier ‘19

October 31, 2019

By Meryl Willett, Storyteller   Junia Janvier ’19 has a soft voice, she’s polite and punctual, but after spending a little bit of time with her, you realize that beneath her calm demeanor is a powerhouse for change, equity, and inclusion.  For… Read More

Words With Warriors: Interview with Mark Harris

October 22, 2019

After 48 years at Wheeler, Mark Harris, the man behind the imaginative individualized Wheeler Aerie Approach, admits he’s finally getting the hang of things! Listen to this fun interview with lots of athletic memories and Aerie tidbits. … Read More

Growing Minds: Playing Favorites

October 21, 2019

A couple of days ago, needing to buy a present for a family member who’s in middle school, I asked some sixth and seventh-grade students in the hallway what their favorite board game was. They froze. Not because I’m scary or because they don’t… Read More

What the kids have to say about school

October 7, 2019

Before you arrive at The Wheeler School Open House on Saturday, October 26, I can’t resist sharing a bit about our school with you. There will be many opportunities for conversation, and for talking with and hearing from students, faculty, staff, parents, and school leaders–but it is also… Read More

A new school schedule expands curricular innovation

October 6, 2019

What do a 3-D printer, the Rooster Games, and 8th-grade Performing Arts class have in common?   The answer is linked to Wheeler’s commitment to creating a daily schedule that meets the needs of Wheeler’s culture of academic excellence. In the past five years or so, faculty have expressed… Read More