Virtual Field Day #106

May 21, 2020

Virtual Field Day 2020 from Wheeler School Broadcasting on Vimeo.


Virtual Field Day 2020 Apache Finale from Wheeler School Broadcasting on Vimeo.


Our oldest school tradition, Field Day, when Purple Cows and Gold Lions take part in spirited competition and bragging rights, is going virtual in its #106th year!

And you might want to get in on the fun at home like this Wheeler father-daughter duo! Or watch Field Days from nearly 100 years ago here!


Also, please read the message below from our Director of Unity & Diversity about the Apache Race.


About the Wheeler Apache Race

From the Wheeler Director of Unity & Diversity:

Each year since I’ve been in the role of Director of Unity & Diversity, I am approached by students and adults who are concerned about our use of the name ‘Apache’ in our annual Field Day event.

The first year this very important question was posed, I immediately made some inquiries in order to respond appropriately and accurately.

I contacted the state and eventually the national office of the Indian Council in Oklahoma to discuss our use of ‘Apache’ and the event to which the name is associated. The national administrator thanked us for our concern and sensitivity and assured me that the context in which we use the name ‘Apache’ is appropriate. He added that from his perspective, it’s also complimentary. He called my attention to the Apache helicopters which he referred to as a source of pride for Native people.

I am not defending the use of the word by any means. My purpose for contacting the Apache Nation was to determine if we (Wheeler) were disrespecting and offending Native People or appropriating Native culture so that our community would have a discussion about renaming the race. As always, I’m available to chat about this and any other issue on how we continue to make Wheeler a community that embodies diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Princess Sirleaf Bomba
Pronouns: she/her/hers
Director of Unity & Diversity

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