Read. Watch. Listen. Act. with the Prescott Library

June 19, 2020

The Prescott Library at Wheeler is among the campus groups sharing access, inquiry, and literacy for students and adults in our community. Its new Media that’s made an impact series features blog posts by our Librarians including these by Lower School Librarians Brooke Strachan and Charlene Williams.
Brooke Strachan shares three pieces of media that have changed her thinking and her teaching. As a White woman, she shares some ways she works to be accountable. 
Charlene Williams explains in her blog post that it is not enough to have DEI books on our shelves but to empower the community to read and engage with the topics presented.

Department chair Christine Smith reframes our endeavor, asking for action, (and including a change in the series’ graphic in her latest blog here.

We invite you to follow the series, engage with us in the work and share these resources.

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