Free Reading Screenings At Hamilton Institute

March 7, 2021

The Hamilton Institute at The Wheeler School is offering the public free Early Reading Screenings for any child in Grades K-6.  Specially-trained experts conduct an approximately 40-minute screening with results reviewed with the parent/guardian.

Sign up for free reading screenings if your child is struggling to read.

The Hamilton Institute was founded to spread awareness and expertise about language-based learning differences and ways of teaching children who are diagnosed with them. For more information about the programs and resources available, contact

What do parents say about the screenings?

In a follow up with K, a parent of two early elementary girls, she reported that thanks to the reading screening results, her daughters’ school finally agreed to pursue IEP protocol with both kids. She had been asking the school to do this for years. K said that thanks to the results of the screening and subsequent testing, everyone now understands why her girls were struggling to read.

Another parent tells us that his children were at ease and comfortable during the testing. He appreciated the expertise of our testing staff and was pleased with the positive tone of the testing debrief.


Please note that this is a screening of your child’s emerging literacy and pre-literacy skills and is to be used by you for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be, nor should it be interpreted as, or relied upon as a substitute for a diagnostic evaluation. The conclusions, recommendations, and suggestions should not be interpreted to be, nor relied upon as, professional conclusions, recommendations, or suggestions.



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