A Community Celebration at the Upper School Awards Assembly

May 23, 2023

Head of the Upper School Neeltje Henneman speaks at the Awards Assembly.
Head of the Upper School Neeltje Henneman speaks at the Awards Assembly.

In opening the annual Upper School Awards Assembly, held Tuesday in Isenberg Auditorium, Head of the Upper School Neeltje Henneman highlighted the importance of community by thanking every student for the work they’ve done over the school year in support of one another. “You have shared in each other’s successes; you have supported each other during more challenging moments; you have cheered for each other during assemblies, during plays and concerts, and at sporting events,” Ms. Hennman told them. “You have been there for each other in more quiet ways as well–whether during club meetings, during study sessions in the library, or when hanging out in the union or the courtyard. Through these gestures of support, you have built community and you have helped ensure that Wheeler is a place where we can work together in the spirit of collaboration, not competition.

“I know that all of you join me in your support of those we recognize today, those seniors who have consistently distinguished themselves in the classroom and within the larger community, and that you, like me and the faculty, are appreciative of their passion, curiosity, humor and good work,” Ms. Henneman continued. “Congratulations to today’s recipients and to all of you for making this the vibrant, smart, and generous-of-spirit community that it is.”

The award recipients included:

Mark Harris Award for Academic Excellence
This award honors positive contributions to classes: being a positive role model for peers; being invested in learning and scholarship; demonstrating intellectual curiosity, enthusiasm for course material, and breadth of knowledge; and making significant academic contributions.

  • Owen M. ’23
  • Eliot W. ’23
  • Lydia D. ’23

The Ricanne Hadrian ’78 Award
This award honors good citizenship in the community: extending oneself on our campus; giving attention to others; demonstrating a mature attitude; being an excellent role model for behavior; and being respected by both faculty and peers.

  • Leenah G. ’23
  • Vikram S. ’23
  • Myles J. ’23

Community Council Award
This award is presented to a club for outstanding leadership.

  • Animal Club and Claire H. ’23

Performing Arts and Visual Arts (Department Award)

  • Faculty in these departments celebrate their students’ work collectively

Claiborne Pell Award (History Department Award)

  • Ella K. ’23

Nancy Sizer Award (History Department Award)

  • Nicholas K. ’23

The Priscilla Wolff Award for Excellence in Writing (English Department Award)

  • Sophia B. ’23

The English Award (English Department Award)

  • Megan G.-P. ’23

The Army Armstrong Math Award (Math Department Award)

  • Harry F. ’23
  • Audrey Lee ’23

Edith Erlenmeyer Award (Foreign Languages)

  • Arden P. ’23
  • Wyatt G. ’23

Elizabeth Gao ’11 Award (Science)

  • Anna M. ’23
  • Rene C. ’23

Scholar-Athlete Awards

  • Camille H. ’23
  • Mateo S. ’23

The Spirit Giveth Life Award
This award is conferred annually by the Upper School faculty on two seniors of different genders whose actions in their lives at Wheeler exemplify the community values we hold in esteem: integrity, compassion, responsibility, and respect for learning.

  • Beyanca G. ’23
  • Isaiah S.-J. ’23

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