Celebrating the 2022 Upper School Awards Recipients

May 19, 2022

Upper School students, faculty, and staff gathered in Isenberg Auditorium for the awards assembly.

We congratulate all of our students who were recognized at the Upper School’s annual Awards Assembly! As Head of Upper School Neeltje Henneman told the crowd in her opening remarks, the assembly is “one of many opportunities that come at the end of the school year to celebrate our scholars, our artists, and our athletes. Looking out at you all now, I can’t help but be reminded of the ways in which these public celebrations have been in short supply over the course of the last few years. This has always been a community that supports each other well – and your appreciation for each other’s talents is admirable…While I love the pride you take in each other’s successes during these moments of public celebration, as important are the ways in which you celebrate and support each other in the quieter moments as well – whether during club meetings, during study sessions in the library, or when hanging out in the union or the courtyard. Those moments of support and empathy are so important – they are part of what gives this community heart and compassion; they are part of what makes Wheeler Wheeler.”

Students received a range of awards, from department recognitions, to being honored as a role model, for their intellectual curiosity, significant academic achievement, scholar-athlete accomplishments, and exemplifying community values, among other categories. A full list of awards and their recipients is below:

Positive Contributions to Classes (Junior Award)

This award recognizes students who are a role model for peers in classes, invested in learning and scholarship, demonstrate intellectual curiosity and breadth of knowledge, and attain significant academic achievement

  • Rene Collard ’23
  • Beyanca Guillme ’23
  • Ella Kulper ’23
  • Owen Matheson ’23
  • Vikram Shankar ’23

The Ricanne Hadrian ’78 Award (Junior Award)

This award honors a student’s good citizenship in the community by extending oneself on campus, giving attention to others, demonstrating a mature attitude, being an excellent role model for behavior, and being respected by both faculty and peers

  • Noah Allen ’23
  • Leenah Gibbs ’23
  • Wyatt Greenberg ’23
  • Nicholas Karamanian ’23
  • Isaiah Smith-Johnson ’23

Performing Arts and Visual Arts (Department Award)

Faculty in these departments celebrate their students’ work collectively

Claiborne Pell Award (History Department Award)

  • William Kopans ’22

Nancy Sizer Award (History Department Award)

  • Ruby Goldstein ’22

The Priscilla Wolff Award for Excellence in Writing (English Department Award)

  • Elizabeth Chivers ’22
  • Reed Turner-Murray ’22

The English Award (English Department Award)

  • Kyra Jorgensen ’22
  • Ruby Webster ’22

The Army Armstrong Math Award (Math Department Award)

  • Oscar Lledo Osborn ’22
  • Yiuhsi Chan ’22

Edith Erlenmeyer Award (Foreign Languages)

  • Anna Block ’22
  • Naomi Blank ’22
  • Ella Levine ’22

Society of Women Engineers Award (Science)

  • Sarah Bader ’23
  • Myles Johnson ’23

Elizabeth Gao ’11 Award (Science)

  • David Alexander ’22
  • Lila Rizvi ’22

Community Council Award

Awarded to a club for outstanding leadership

Cafe Series:

  • Mia Shih ’22
  • Pepper Travers ’24
  • Theo Duarte-Baird ’22
  • Isabelle Mitchell ’24

Scholar Athlete Awards

  • Travis Cobain ’22
  • Zeah Pivorunas ’22

Senior Leadership Award

  • Lucy Miller ’22
  • Carl Wehbe ’22

Lieutenant Governor’s Award

Given to a student who demonstrates dedication to their studies and to community service; leads positive change to their school or community; inspires other students to achieve and excel

  • Tamar Weil ’22

The Spirit Giveth Life Award

The Spirit Giveth Life Award is conferred annually by the Upper School Faculty on two seniors of different genders whose actions in their lives at Wheeler exemplify the community values we hold esteem: integrity, compassion, responsibility, and respect for learning

  • Luis Contreras ’22
  • Mia Shih ’22

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