Talking Dyslexia Podcast

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What is Talking Dyslexia?

“Talking Dyslexia” is a podcast by The Hamilton Institute at Wheeler. It began in 2018 thanks to Wheeler and Hamilton moms, Jenifer Harrison and Wendy Harsfield. At the time, Jen and Wendy had daughters at Hamilton, both of whom have a dyslexia diagnosis. Jen and Wendy had both experienced the often frustrating, overwhelming, and uncertain road of getting their children the needed support. And they were especially grateful that their daughters were thriving at Hamilton. They wanted to “pay it forward” and share their knowledge, experience, and resources via The Hamilton Institute. And so “Talking Dyslexia” was started.


Jen and Wendy’s “Why”

The generation of this podcast came from their desire to help other parents, particularly those navigating the journey of supporting a child with dyslexia and other language-based learning differences. Jen and Wendy have covered topics ranging from the importance of early intervention to fostering a love of reading. Since the podcast’s inception, it has taken a few different shapes. While Jen and Wendy create content under the heading “Talking Dyslexia: Parent to Parent,” the podcast has had “special editions,” too. 


Special Guests

In a few episodes, former Head of Hamilton, Jon Green, took the microphone, leading a series of discussions with Wheeler’s consulting psychologist, Dr. Rick Solomon. These recordings, made during the height of the Covid pandemic, are still highly relevant. There have been student-led episodes, too, covering topics such as misconceptions about dyslexia and the importance of neurodiversity.


Talking Dyslexia Podcast