Enrollment Events/Virtual Learning Fun

There are many opportunities to visit our campus. (Some of them, right now, are virtual!)


Please watch for upcoming events for School Year 20-21 to be posted here. We look forward to seeing you soon! And if you just can’t wait to visit, here’s a video tour some of our students made! 

Also, please check out our social media accounts in the purple footer at the bottom of this page!  It’s a great way to stay up to date on school news.

School year-ends are full of milestones!  Check out our Graduations for Grs. 5 & 8 and see what fun we had — physically-distanced but together in Spirit!

Graduation Drive-Bys for Grades 5 & 8

Examples of Virtual Learning Projects
and Community Building

Curious about Virtual Learning?  Here’s an example of our Hirsch/Alperin Design | Innovate | Build Lab director Meghan Jiminez offering STEM projects. Visit the DIB Lab’s YouTube for more!  See how our DIB Lab director has made more than 400 face shields as PPE during this pandemic.

Sixth Grade Farm Program Touts Trout Experiential Learning


6th Grade Farm Program with Mr. Pieri from Wheeler School Broadcasting on Vimeo.

Artist's drawing of The Hamilton School at Wheeler

During our Virtual Learning Term, faculty and staff are working to curate the many online resources available to students and families, including students with learning differences. The experts at The Hamilton Institute at Wheeler on our campus have created a free resource guide of Educational Technology links for learners here.

Using Educational Technology During Distance Learning

Community is an important part of every aspect of Wheeler.  For students and parents at The Hamilton School, understanding the needs of students with learning differences has created numerous resources, such as this “learning hub” link below:

Hamilton Family Community Learning Hub

Grade 6 faculty member Sam Abeshouse is just one example of the amazing faculty using video to teach right now.  Here’s a recent lesson on diameter and circumference.

Diameter and Circumference from Wheeler School Broadcasting on Vimeo.

Did you know Wheeler has a radio station?  WELH 88.1FM has been broadcasting with partnerships such as RI’s The Public’s Radio, now, and with Latino Public Radio and other community radio stations over the course of our 34-year broadcasting history.  During our Virtual Learning Term, Wheeler faculty, staff and students offer a Sunday evening Wheeler Family Radio Hour on our New Voices broadcast.  Listen to the program here:


Lower School students got some Wheeler Spirit (our motto is “The Spirit Giveth Life”) one morning. LS Music teacher Chris Capaldi began with a piece of the Lower School anthem, “At Wheeler!” And, have you guessed our school colors, yet?

And here’s how our Middle School Faculty (and Students) welcomed each other to their Virtual Learning Term:

Interested in seeing more examples of activities that extend Wheeler in a virtual way?

Visit our Wheeler School Broadcasting network!