Prescott Library

The mission of the Prescott Library (named in honor of the 6th Head of School William C. Prescott, Jr.) is to provide a safe and nurturing environment for students, faculty, and staff, to take leadership in the academic program, and to ensure that students develop the essential skills needed to navigate the rapidly evolving information landscape of the 21st century.

This mission reflects the value of the teaching library in the intellectual life of the School, and the essential role each Library faculty member contributes in helping students become lifelong readers, enthusiastic learners, and competent researchers who know how to find the information they need and use it well. Wheeler has separate libraries, faculty, and curricula for each of the three age-related Divisions of the School: Lower, Middle and Upper.

To fulfill this mission, the Library faculty will:

  • Promote reading, provide thoughtful, unbiased suggestions of materials, and encourage intellectual curiosity.
  • Collaborate in the teaching process and develop an information literacy curriculum that is integral to the classroom work of Wheeler faculty.
  • Participate in school-wide and multi-school events that connect students with literature and ideas.

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Virtual Learning

Our goal as the Wheeler School librarians is to help meet the educational, information, and recreational reading and listening needs of all Wheeler and Hamilton community members including students, their families, and our faculty

To help ease the emerging challenges of an online learning community, we’ve compiled resources, tools, and information that will support our families and teachers who are navigating working, teaching, and learning at home.

Family Online Learning Resources 2020

Family Resources Nursery – Grade 8

Faculty Resources

Please feel free to contact any of the Librarians with questions. We are here to help and support you. Stay well, Team Library

Visit our Prescott Library microsite for reading lists, blogs, and curriculum for each division of our school.