Awards & Honors

Awards and honors for our students and faculty/staff can be found in the various category sections below and are added to all year long.


See below the photo gallery for Subject-Area Awards Categories.  

Wheeler announces the 7 Semifinalists’ and 6 Commended Students’ names in the National Merit Scholarship Program

Congratulations to our 7 National Merit Scholarship Competition semifinalists! Kudos to Declan Allio, Anna Cornelissen, Jane Josefowicz, Darshan Mehta, Isaiah Suchman, Eric Tang, and William Xia. They are among 16,000 students nationwide, continuing in the 66th annual National Merit Scholarship program. In addition, six students have been honored among the 34,000 Commended Students Lucien Gaitskell, Samuel Goldstein, Ayush Gupta, Nathan Haronian, Jamey Mayer and Mira Pensa.

Rising senior has design selected for State voting this fall.,35691

Wheeler THREE-PEATS as the RI State Envirothon Champions
Congrats to Declan Allio, Myles Johnson, Darshan Mehta, Amol Rathore, and Eric Tang!

Wheeler Ranks #1 in Middle & Upper School Math League in Rhode Island
Congratulations to our ‘math-letes’ who took part in this year’s New England Math League competitions as part of the national Math League. Wheeler earned #1 rankings in Rhode Island in BOTH Upper and Middle School.  NEML contests are open to any interested student from Gr. 4-12 at Wheeler. The national Math League contests were created in 1977 to give students an educationally enriching opportunity to participate in an academically-oriented activity and to gain recognition for mathematical achievement. Read the list of students honored in the Math category below.

2020-21 Awards

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Awards of a nature that do not fit in the categories below.

2020 National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists

Declan Allio
Anna Cornelissen
Jane Josefowicz
Darshan Mehta
Isaiah Suchman
Eric Tang
William Xia

Commended Students
Lucien Gaitskell
Samuel Goldstein
Ayush Gupta
Nathan Haronian
Jamey Mayer
Mira Pensa

RI “I Vote” Sticker Design Contest
First Prize, Sticker will be used statewide in fall elections
Isaiah Suchman

RI Law Day Essay Contest
1st place: Declan Allio
2nd place: Lilie Young


Upper School SY19-20 Awards 

Junior Awards — honors positive contributions to classes:  through being a role model for peers in classes, being invested in learning and scholarship, through demonstrating intellectual curiosity and breadth of knowledge, and attaining significant academic achievement.

Nate Fogarty

Chiara Guglielmo

Ella Rudisill

Isaiah Suchman

The Ricanne Hadrian ’78 Award

Honoring good citizenship in the community: extending oneself here on our campus, giving attention to others, demonstrating a mature attitude, being an excellent role model for behavior, being respected by both faculty and peers.

Evan Harrison

Tara Lecamwasam

Ronnie Parrillo

Mira Pensa

Community Council Award 
Biomed Club — Mick Chivers, Yasmine Mechrefe, Hannah Singer

Claiborne Pell Award (History) 
Alex Mirrer

Nancy Sizer Award (History)
Chloe Guo

The  Priscilla Wolff Award for Excellence in Writing
Caroline Capozzi and Catherine Sawoski

The English Dept. Award
Mick Chivers

The  Army Armstrong Math Award
Kat Chaltas and Daniel Shimberg
Edith Erlenmeyer Award (Modern Languages) 
Zoe Rudolph-Larrea

Society of Women Engineers Award
Eric Tang and Jane Josefewicz

Elizabeth Gao’11” Award 
Gaurav Rathore and Ashrita Iyengar

Community Service Award 
Michael Barone

Scholar-Athlete Awards 
Jack Mancini and Jaqueline Faulise

Providence Journal Award (Athletics)
Ross Cornelissen and Allison Paik

Senior Leadership Award
Rhessa Weber Langstaff, Arvind Sridhar

First Congressional District Leadership Award for Academic Achievement, Leadership abilities, and Community service
Maddie Lee

The Spirit Giveth Life Award — The Spirit Giveth Life Award is conferred annually by the Upper School Faculty on two seniors of different genders whose actions in their lives at Wheeler exemplify the community values we hold esteem: Integrity, Compassion,  Responsibility,  Respect for Learning

Ben Thornton and Elizabeth Poku

2020 RI Storymap Competition
Isaiah Suchman has won first place and $100 in the High School Division for the 2020 RI Storymap (GIS software) competition. His storymap will be entered in the National Competition.

National Mythology Bee
Gabe Oliva-Booth (5th) and Willie Kinnicutt (4H) received medals for their scores of over 90% on the exam, 8th Grader Quinn Kennedy earned a bronze medal.

Cum Laude International Honor Society
Class of 2021

Declan Allio
Anneke Cornelissen
Lucien Gaitskill
Nathan Haronian
Iman Khanbhai
Jamey Mayer
Mira Pensa
Isaiah Suchman
Eric Tang

Class of 2020

Michael Barone
Katherine Chaltas
Chloe Guo
Sherry Huang
Richard Kang
Ella Pike
Gaurav Rathore
Zoe Rudolph-Larrea
Gabriella Streisand

Isaiah Suchman earned an Award of Excellence as “Judge Suchman” in the International Court of Justice.

National History Bee
Austin Nolan Bidwell who won last year’s Boston Regional (elementary division) won the Bridgeport regional for 2020
5th grader Gabe Oliva Booth placed 6th

School Spelling Bee Winner
Laila Muhanna, Winner
Philip Spradlin, 2nd
Selina Kao, 3rd
Kush Patel, LS High Score

2020 U.S. Presidential Scholars Program
James Chivers (Mick)
Philip Cornelissen
Shivesh Mehrotra
Elisseos Papandonatos
Abigail Paull
Daniel Shimberg
Arvind Shridhar

United Way/Pop-Tarts Microgrant 2020
Junior Jane Josefowicz has won a $5,000 grant for her “Refugee Translation Assistance Project”

Model UN
Boston Invitational MUN
Alex Mirrer, Best Delegate Award as reporter for China Daily
Catherine Sawoski, Verbal Commendation as Food Service Director, Ad hoc Crisis Committee

2020 Nat Geo Bee
School Winner
6th Grader Philip Spradlin will advance to the State Bee in April.
7th Grader Seoyon Kim finished second.
Theo Carman
Kush Patel
Raahil Ganguly
Bobby Colbert-Muetterties
Austin Nolan Bidwell
Ty Scarcella
Cole Beattie
Anika Mehta
Sabi Gonzalez
Krish Devkota
Ella Harris
Victoria Spradlin

Brown Model UN Conference 2019
Our delegation was made up of 10 Freshmen, 3 Sophomores, 2 Juniors and for the second year running, we were able to sponsor one Classical student. Students tackled difficult and relevant topics such as refugee resettlement, the feminization of poverty, the privatization of space, rights of prisoners, and the moral and ethical complexities of human genome editing. Two veteran delegates were awarded prizes for exceptional work:
Madison McDougall was awarded a Verbal Commendation for her spirited portrayal of Jean Jacques Marat representing the Third Estate in the Estates General (1789) Joint Crisis Committee.
Isiaih Suchman was awarded a Best Delegate gavel for his work representing India in the UN Climate Change Conference (2020).

Harvey School Hall of Fame
Wheeler Science Faculty member Bob Schmidt has been inducted into the NY school’s Hall of Fame in recognition of his time as a teacher, department chair and athletics coach.

2019 National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists
Philip Cornelissen
Delaney Foss
Chloe Guo
Elisseos Papandonatos
Arvind Shridhar
Brandon Zhang
Commended Students
Katherine Chaltas
Gabriel Insler
Shivesh Mehrotra
Alexandra Mirrer
Abigail Paull
Gavin Rardin
Daniel Shimberg

National Hispanic Recognition Program

Alex Hojman
Juan Sanchez-Ayesta


Winter Season Coaches Awards
Upper School


Girls Basketball — Jacqueline Faulise

Squash — Anna Alford, Ben Sapovits

Swimming — Molly Mungovan, Clark Telfeian

Boys Basketball — Jack Mancini

Indoor Track — Daniel Shimberg, Olivia Bush


Girls Basketball—Alex Mirrer

Squash — Camille Morocco, Stephan Bejger

Swimming — Leah Harrison-Lurie, Sam Block

Boys Basketball — Paul Eyo, Jake Faulise

Indoor Track — John Atanasoff, Anna Marston


Girls Basketball — Beyanca Guilme

Boys Basketball — Ben Stone, Grayson Sparr

Middle School Winter Season Awards


Girls Basketball  — Sadie Martiesian

Boys Basketball — Toby Pike

Swimming — Jackson Page


Girls Basketball  A—Nora Kiley; B—Luca Cook; C—Bridget Pearson

Boys Basketball     A—Jay Heller; B 1—Vijay Shah; B 2—Jack Beade; C—Jacob Sarkady

Swimming — Daisy Zhang and Michael Adelstein

Fall Season Coaches Awards

Boys Soccer: Taj Lessa, Ross Cornelissen
Cross Country: Nina Conklin, Nate Fogarty
Field Hockey: Olivia Bush (signed D1 Letter of Intent with Bucknell)
Girls Soccer: Jacqueline Faulise
Girls Tennis: Miranda Ye
Most Improved Award
Boys Soccer: Manolo Dal Bo’
Cross Country: Anna Marston, Noah Medina
Field Hockey: Sophie Blackman
Girls Soccer: Isabella Santana
Girls Tennis: Anna Alford
JV Most Improved Award
Boys Soccer: Will Augustyn
Field Hockey: Ella Woodward
Girls Soccer: Abby Tyrrell
Girls Tennis: Giselle Virga

Fall Middle School Coaches Award
Girls Soccer: Sadie Martiesian
Boys Soccer: Toby Pike
Field Hockey: Gabrielle Gamble Campopiano, Natalia Centofanti
Cross Country: Abby Butlin, Lucas Hurtado
Most Improved Award
Girls Soccer:Hailey Nickerson
Boys Soccer: Franklin Pizzarello (A Team), Tatsuya Bojarski (B Team), Will Munro (C Team)
Field Hockey: Nora Kiley (A Team), Emma Routhier (B Team)
Cross Country: Amelia Lynch, Yiuhon Chan, Selah Rust, Joey Macek

Heisman High School Scholarship
State Winner for Rhode Island
Philip Cornelissen

Fall Season League Awards

Girls Tennis
3rd place in RIIL Division 1 (Quarterfinal Round Playoffs)
1st Team All-State:
Anneke Cornelissen
Giuliana Mardo
Miranda Ye
1st Team All-Division:
Anneke Cornelissen
2nd Team All-Division:
Giuliana Mardo
Miranda Ye
Ada Bruno & Ellie Feldman
Team Sportsmanship Award:
Zeah Pivorunas

Boys Soccer
9th place in RIIL Division II (Preliminary Round Playoffs)
1st Team All-Division:
Travis Cobain
2nd Team All-Division:
Taj Lessa
3rd Team All-Division:
Ross Cornelissen

Girls Soccer
9th place in RIIL Division II (Quarterfinal Round Playoffs)

Field Hockey
1st place in RIIL Division II (State Finalist)
Player of the Year: Olivia Bush
1st team All-Division: Margot Bernardo, Olivia Bush, Annabella Clyne
2nd Team All-Division: Chloe Cazzani, Victoria Wassouf
Honorable Mention All-Division: Yasmine Mechrefe
All-Tournament Team: Margot Bernardo, Olivia Bush, Annabella Clyne
All-Academic Team: Olivia Bush, Maddie Lee, Yasmine Mechrefe, Molly O’Hara, Hannah Zevon

Girls Cross Country
4th place in Class C; State Qualifier


2018-19 RIIL Coach of the Year
Golf, Shane Drury, Wheeler School

2019-20 Season


At each tournament, the RI Forensics League recognizes some debaters for their outstanding performance.  Specifically, the top 25% of Novice teams and the top 25% of Varsity teams are recognized.  In addition, the top 25% of Novice debaters sorted by their individual scores and the top 25% of Varsity debaters sorted by their individual scores are also recognized.  Many times, there are ties in the scores, and so the choice of which debaters get “recognized” comes down to other tie-breaking categories, which sometimes works in the favor of debaters, and sometimes works against them. Coach Ange Strom-Weber

Mount Hope Tournament

Novice Individuals
90 novice debaters competed in this tournament, so the top 22 were recognized by the league.  From Wheeler:  15th place – Amol Rathore

We also had some high scoring individual rounds on the novice side; Amol Rathore had 27 in one of his rounds, and Sophia Blythe and Conner Olsen each earned scores of 28.  

Novice Teams
45 novice teams competed in this tournament, so the top 11 were recognized by the league. From Wheeler: 9th place – Amol Rathore & Sophia Blythe
5th place – Anna Marston & Audrey Lee

Varsity Individuals
92 varsity debaters competed in this tournament, so the top 23 were recognized by the league.  From Wheeler:
10th place – Alex Mirrer
9th place – Arvind Sridhar
2nd place – Eric Tang
1st place – Declan Allio

We had some very impressive high scores on the varsity team today.  Charlie Ragona and Gaurav Rathore each had a high score of 27.  Noah Medina, Arvind Sridhar and Anna Block each earned a high score of 28.   Declan Allio and Alex Mirrer each earned a high score of 29.  And Eric Tang pulled off the very rare perfect 30 in one of his rounds.  

Varsity Teams
46 varsity teams competed in this tournament, so the top 11 were recognized by the league.  From Wheeler:  7th place – Eric Tang & Noah Medina
5th place – Charlie Ragona & Arvind Sridhar
2nd place – Naomi Blank & Declan Allio


Hollins University, Nancy Thorp Poetry Contest
Honorable Mention, Chantel Kardous

New England Young Writers’ Conference
Sally Beckett ’21 and Jillian Iredale ’22 were accepted into the 2020 New England Young Writers’ Conference at Bread Loaf.

2019-20 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards
Declan Allio ‘21 — Gold Key — Critical Essay — “Review of American Sonnets for My Past and Future Assassins”

Nicholas Avalos ‘21 — Gold Key — Flash Fiction — “Darkwood”

Nicholas Avalos ‘21 — Silver Key — Personal Essay & Memoir — “The Art of Performing”

Anneke Cornelissen ‘21 — Gold Key — Poetry — “Enough”

Anna Cornelissen ‘21 —  Gold Key — American Voices Nominee/Personal Essay & Memoir — “Peace Without Pretense” (one of only 5 students in this region nominated)

Sam Goldstein ‘21 — Gold Key — Dramatic Script — “An Unhappy Medium”

Jillian Iredale ‘22 — Gold Key — Science Fiction & Fantasy — “The Blue Hour”

Judy Liu ‘22 — Honorable Mention — Poetry — “Dragonfly”

Madison McDougall ‘21 –Gold Key — Poetry — “Ideal Memories are 3D”

Darshan Mehta ‘21 — Gold Key — Short Story — “Lemon Man”

Catherine Sawoski ‘20 — Gold Key — Poetry  — “Impressionism”


National Latin Exam Awards

Latin I
Silver Maxima Cum Laude
Alejandro Rivera

Latin II
Cum Laude
Tamar Weil

Latin III
Gold Summa Cum Laude
Lilie Young
Magna Cum Laude
Ben Sapovits

Latin IV
Gold Summa Cum Laude
Jane Josefowicz
Cum Laude
Alexandra Mirrer





Math Olympiads

Fourth/Fifth Graders:
1. Daniel Shea top 2% nationally
2. Nathan Woo top 10%
3. Theo Carman top 10%
4. tie, Austin Nolan Bidwell & Ty Scarcella, top 20%
5. Samantha Mocco, top 20%
6. Lia Serre Tovar, top 30%

Sixth Graders:
1. tie, Chi Chi Manami & Lucas Murphy & Philip Spradlin top 10%
2. tie, George Karonis & Luyao Lei top 10%
3. Will Warner top 20%
4. Lila Stone top 20%

RI Math League 2020
Gr 9-12 results

High School Contest 2019-20
Students from schools in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont participated.  In Rhode Island, Wheeler outpaced the nearest school by 10 points, scoring 151 cumulative points this season.  Wheeler students who earned a perfect score at least once during the season were:
Noah Medina ’22
Neil Panth ’22
Daniel Shimberg ’20
Isaiah Suchman ’21
Eric Tang ’21
Tahseen Younus ’21

RI Math League
Official 2020 Gr 6-8 results

GRADE 6: 11th in New England, Philip Spradlin 14th
At Wheeler:
1- Philip Spradlin
2-George Karonis, David Schneider
3-Charlie Woodcome, Lara Miller

GRADE 7: 8th in New England, William Bruno 2nd
At Wheeler:
1-William Bruno
2-Reid Purdy
3- Seoyon Kim
4-Willie Chivers, Nate Flum, George Tang

GRADE 8: 14th in New England, Josh Shin 23rd
At Wheeler:
1-Josh Shin
2-Annie Xia
3-Tyler Wang
4-Victoria Spradlin

New England Math League

  • #1 in Rhode Island
  • In Rhode Island, Wheeler outpaced the nearest school by 10 points, scoring 151 cumulative points this season.
  • Wheeler students who earned a perfect score at least once during the season were:Noah Medina ’22
    Neil Panth ’22
    Daniel Shimberg ’20
    Isaiah Suchman ’21
    Eric Tang ’21
    Tahseen Younus ’21

Rhode Island Math League

After two meets, Wheeler’s team has a 16-point lead on its nearest opponent.  Of the 606 students competing, Wheeler has 6 in the top 12 scorers.

Cumulative high scorers to date:
Eric Tang, tied for 1st at 36
Neil Panth, 35
Harry Feng, 32
Ayush Gupta, 32
Daniel Shimberg, 31

The season has opened with Wheeler’s A Team taking a 14-point lead over its nearest opponent. Wheeler’s B Team, mostly 9th graders, also took first at the opening match.

Wheeler had three mathletes in the top 8: Victoria Spradlin, William Bruno, and Josh Shin. Two of them (Josh 2nd overall and William 3rd overall) will comprise 50% of the Rhode Island team which will travel to the National Math Counts competition in April.

Mathematics Competition
Congrats to our Gr. 6, 7 and 8 honorees.
Andrew Song, Gr. 8, School Winner, Honor Roll of Distinction, top 1% nationally
Josh Shin, Gr. 8, Gold
Philip Spradlin, Gr. 6, Tyler Wang, Gr. 8, William Bruno, Gr. 7 and Kelly Young, Gr. 8 all tied for Silver
Victoria Spradlin, Gr. 8 and Seoyon Kim, Gr. 7, tied for Bronze


International High School A Cappella Competition
Quarterfinal Best Soloist Award
Ben Thornton ’20

All-State Music Educator’s Awards
Wheeler is very proud of its musicians who ranked so highly among large public and other private schools. Bravo!

All-State Senior Division, Choral:
Henry Stanton #1 bass
Ben Thornton #2 bass
Maddie Lee #4 alto
Sally Beckett #26 soprano
Iris Cephas #30 alto

All-State Junior Division, Choral:
Audrey Lee #1 alto
Miranda Ye #7 alto
Claire Hagerty #22 soprano
Leenah Gibbs #23 alto

Senior Orchestra
Richard Kang #2, Strings – 1st Violin
Mia Shalansky #8, Strings-Viola
Henry Stanton #2, Jazz Piano
William Xia #12, Strings – 1st Violin
Lilie Young #5, Strings-2nd Violin

Junior Orchestra
Josh Shin #4 overall violin
Kelly Young #1 overall violin


Haunted Harmonies, Salem, MA

Haunted Harmonies is a one day A Cappella Festival in Salem, Massachusetts open by application to vocal groups of all ages, regions, level, and genres. The festival includes a competition and evening concert, masterclasses led by a cappella professionals, and the opportunity to busk in the crowded streets of Salem during the month of October.

This year, the 18Wheelers were honored to be selected to participate in this fun-filled event. Henry Stanton ’20 and Ben Thornton ’20 picked up the Vocal Chemistry award with their rendition of “Perfect World” by Allen Stone.



FTC FIRST Dean’s List
Lucien Gaitskell

Upper School Robotics, Qualifier for State Championships

// Results // 14th place robot challenge score 2nd place motivation award 2nd place Collins aerospace innovation award 3rd place Think award

National Envirothon 2019
As the Rhode Island State Champion, Wheeler’s team placed in the Top 20 (#19 out of 53 teams) at the national competition in North Carolina this summer.


 RI Scholastic Art Awards in Visual Arts
Congrats to these students! See examples of their artwork here.

Ada Bruno, Silver Key, Painting
Olivia Bush, Honorable Mention, Ceramics & Glass
Caroline Esposito, Silver Key, Art Portfolio
Delaney Foss, Gold Key, Art Portfolio
Chloe Guo, Silver Key, Art Portfolio
Chloe Guo, Gold Key, American Visions Nominee
Chloe Guo, Honorable Mention, Mixed Media
Caitlynna Jian, Silver Key, Drawing & Illustration
Caitlynna Jian, Silver Key, Painting
Sarah Lee, Honorable Mention, Painting
Yifei Liu, Honorable Mention, Mixed Media
Lucy Miller, Honorable Mention, Design
Ella Rudisill, Honorable Mention, Mixed Media
Gavin Steever, Silver Key, Drawing & Illustration
Gavin Steever, Honorable Mention, Drawing & Illustration
Genevieve Steever, Silver Key, Drawing & Illustration
Genevieve Steever, Silver Key, Painting
Genevieve Steever, Honorable Mention, Drawing & Illustration
Eric Tang, Honorable Mention, Ceramics & Glass