Fast Facts About The Wheeler School

You can learn a lot about our school at a glance;  then delve more deeply into our people and programs throughout this site.

Wheeler was founded by artist, educator and social activist Mary Colman Wheeler in 1889 in Providence, Rhode Island.

Enrollment 2019-20: 788
Upper School: 364
Middle School: 181
Lower School: 176
Hamilton: 67

# of full/part-time Faculty/Staff: 223
% of faculty of color: 26%
Student: Faculty Ratio school-wide: 6:1
# of faculty with advanced degrees beyond a B.A.?


For a contact list of current faculty and staff, parents can login to the parent portal.

# of towns where students reside: 70
% of Providence residents: 39%
% Greater Providence residents: 43%
% of students of color: 32%

% of students in the Class of 2020 who applied Early Decision and were accepted: 60

Nursery & Pre-Kindergarten

  • $24,075 (includes 5 Day WOW AfterCare bundle)
  • $21,575 (until 3PM)
  • $17,825 (until 12PM)

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade

  • $36,035 (includes 5 Day WOW AfterCare bundle)
  • $33,535

3rd – 5th Grade

  • $37,045 (includes 5 Day WOW AfterCare bundle)
  • $34,545

6th – 12th Grade

  • $37,900

The Hamilton School at Wheeler 2019-20 School Year Fees

1st-5th Grade

  • $54,055 (includes 5 Day WOW AfterCare bundle)
  • $51,555

Need-based Financial Aid Budget $3,940,028
Percent of students receiving Need-based Aid 25.6%
Average Need-based Award $19,126

Number of AP Exams Taken:
150 students sat for 321 AP exams in 2018
Number of tests with scores of 4 or better:

Wheeler is a member of the Rhode Island Interscholastic League.

Boys: 12 Interscholastic Team Sports
Girls: 11 Interscholastic Team Sports
Co-ed: 1 Interscholastic Team Sport
Co-op: 2 Interscholastic Team Sports

Visit our athletics microsite to learn more about the Wheeler Warriors

The John C. Malone Foundation gave Wheeler $2Million to create an endowment for gifted students. Wheeler is one of only 36 schools in the nation — and the only one in Rhode Island — to receive this honor.

Field Day is held each May as the spirit teams of Purples and Golds battle it out for bragging rights.