Head’s Response Fund

The Wheeler School Board of Trustees has established the Head’s Response Fund to support the immediate needs of the Wheeler community during the volatility of the coronavirus pandemic. This fund, created with Board-designated reserves and the gifts of a growing number of generous donors, will provide the school leadership with the flexibility to continue to respond to challenges and needs as they inevitably arise over the next several months.

Uses of the Head’s Response Fund may include 1) providing emergency short-term financial aid to Wheeler families, 2) adapting and supplementing our academic services to maintain the caliber of the educational experience and our commitment to student success, and/or 3) modifying the campus physically and technologically to allow the school to operate in compliance with social distancing mandates in the fall.

We are grateful to the trustees and donors who are committed to the enduring mission of the school and wish to safeguard its people and its future. To join with these supporters with your own gift, please contact Rachel Spaulding, Head of Advancement. You may also give now by clicking here.

Give now to the Head’s Response Fund