Hope Building CLOSED for Summer Renovations

Both Hope Building and the Nulman Lewis Student Center will be closed all summer due to renovations to the Middle School.  All campus visitors should come to the satellite Reception Room on the first floor at 211 Hope St. (next to the campus parking lot) for assistance. 211 Hope St. building is across the street from the main gates.
Cum Laude International Honor Society

Video of Cum Laude 2018 Ceremony

History of Cum Laude Society at Wheeler by Ken Clauser, Chapter President through 2018
   It is my privilege today to talk for a moment about the history of the Cum Laude Society. The phrase "Cum Laude" is from Latin - meaning "with praise" - and has traditionally been used to describe students who graduate with honors or with distinction in a specific area of study. The National Cum Laude Society was established in 1906 to promote learning and scholarship in secondary schools and to honor outstanding scholars in those schools. The Wheeler School has been a member of the National Cum Laude Society since 1982. For the first few years of its existence here, all the new members of were young women because Wheeler was still predominantly a girls' school. The first young man to be inducted was Jas Tereszczenko '85 in 1985. Jas died tragically from a rare heart condition while an undergraduate at Columbia and we pay tribute to his memory every year at this ceremony.

Cum Laude International Honor Society inductees

The 2018 Cum Laude ceremony was held March 8 in the Upper School. It honors the top scholars in the Junior and Senior classes. No more than 10% of a Junior Class and no more than 20% of a Senior class may be inducted. The criteria include grades, level of difficulty of courses and integrity. This year's inductees are:
1. Dennis Gastel
2. Alana Juan
3. Ekaterina Koelliker
4. Niklas Kniesche
5. Maxwell Levine
6. Eleanor Miller
7. Caleb Radoccia
8. Benjamin Salinger
9.  VanNashlee Ya
1. Aidan Beckett
2. Alden Blackman
3. Chloe Derocher
4. Troy Feng
5. Jonathan Greenberg
6. Eloise Hamilton
7. Meghan Keenan
8.  Gideon Parker
9. Aidan Wu
10. Daniel Zhou
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