Three Global Education Trips Planned: Ecuador, Paris & Portugal

September 18, 2019

Upper School Head Neeltje Henneman announced three global trips are being offered to Wheeler Upper School students this school year.


Over March break there will be two trips — one led by faculty members Francisco Cardoso and Annie White to Sintra, Portugal. This trip will be offered to students currently in jazz and will feature our partnership with our partner Academia de Musica Acorde in Sintra. Students will co-compose, problem-solve, and rehearse with Portuguese students to culminate in a collaborative concert at the end of the exchange. This cultural immersion will expose our students to local music, food, and historical sightseeing. Our students will use music as a tool to promote intercultural and social understanding.


The second March trip will be led by faculty members Bob Martin (Mary Wheeler Archivist) and Kristin Murphy. This trip to Paris will be open to tenth – twelfth grade students who are interested in visual arts, art history, French, and history. Students will be inspired by the city of Paris as they follow the footsteps that Mary C. Wheeler took with Wheeler students over 100 years ago. Art, language, architecture, cuisine, and history will come to life when students immerse themselves in the City of Light.


In June, faculty members Donna Lizotte and Sarah Berthiaume Leduc will offer a trip to the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador. Student perspectives on the world will evolve when they walk in Darwin’s footsteps on this fascinating archipelago. Over the course of this trip, students will have the opportunity to apply their skills in science to experience the biodiversity and geology unique to the Galapagos Islands. This trip will be open to tenth – twelfth graders.

“In addition to the trip leaders, several people have worked very hard to help these trips come to fruition,” said Henneman.  “I’m particularly grateful to faculty member Amy Bonnici for the hours (and passion) she has brought to this project.”


Global Education at Wheeler

Increased global education is one aspect of Wheeler’s Strategic Design for 2023 which has a major tenet to be “Within And A Part Of The World,” encouraging expeditionary opportunities to engage local, national and global communities. Wheeler students have recently visited Spain in 2018 for language and cultural studies, and have taken three trips to Iceland in 2017, 2018 and 2019 for environmental science study.

Support for this program is provided for students in part by the Edith Erlenmeyer Fund for Foreign Study.

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