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2016-17 Divers Awards

A variety of notable honors and awards from the school or local and national organizations which do not fall into the major categories elsewhere on this page. 
2017 US Presidential Scholar Award
RI Male Honoree
Andrew Lee

2017 National Mythology Exam
Lower School Division
Austin Nolan Bidwell, Silver Medal, School High Scorer (as a second grader!)
Pete Promrat, Bronze Medal, Gr. 4
Owen Baill, Gr. 4
Fredy Norin, Hamilton Gr. 5
Laila Muhanna
Middle School Division
Anna Marston, Ethan Insler and Nicholas Karamanian

RI Mock Trial Tournament, Junior Division
Wheeler's Middle School team was undefeated and came in second in points in the final standings. Coaches David Schiano and Jonah Lipsky. Team members: Declan Allio, Gavin Cohen, Hannah Gruber, Ben Jewitt, Rebecca Martin, Noah Medina, Emma Mirrer, Sally Ryan, Eric Tang.

2017 National Merit Scholarship Corporation
$2500 Scholarship
Ruby Schnirman

Potter League for Animals
Junior Volunteer of the Year Award
Sofia Watson

2017 Latin Awards
Latin I level
Alex Mirrer, Gold, Summa Cum Laude
Brian Kook, Magna Cum Laude
Latin II level
Molly Anderwald, Cum Laude
Junia Janvier, Cum Laude
Latin III Level
Sophia Papandonatou, Gold, Summa Cum Laude
Mae Harrington, Silver, Maxima Cum Laude
Prose IV
Chloe Derocher, Silver, Maxima Cum Laude
Camila Michaels, Cum Laude
Harrison Snow, Cum Laude
Torie Verrecchia, Cum Laude

Upper School Awards
Junior Awards

Honoring positive contributions to classes; being a positive role model for
Peers  in classes; invested in learning and scholarship; intellectual curiosity;
breadth  of  knowledge; significant academic achievement.
  • Benjamin Foss
  • Ben Homer
  • Steven Leonard
  • Maddi Murphy
  • Naomi Shimberg
  • VanNashlee Ya

The Ricanne Hadrian ’78 award
Honoring good citizenship in the community; extending oneself here on our
campus; giving attention to others; demonstrating a mature attitude; being
an excellent role model for behavior; being respected by both faculty and
  • Bree Andruzzi
  • Jordan Bomba
  • Ellen Rogers
  • Makeen Zachery
Community Council Award – Interbelief Club

Department Awards

The Priscilla Wolff Award for Excellence in Writing – Marina Hojman
The English Award – Torie Verrechia

Claiborne Pell   Award   - Eleanor Sultana

Nancy Sizer  Award – Ben Esposito

The  Army Armstrong Math Award – Ava Jiang & Matthew Sawoski                                                                       
Edith Erlenmeyer Languages Award – Emma Adrain & Jacob Katzman
Society of Women Engineers Award – Ben Salinger, Shrestha & Shreya Vijayendra

Elizabeth Gao Award -   Alex Homer & Ruby Schnirman

Community Service Award – Sofia Watson

Scholar Athlete Awards – Will Foulkes & Camila Michaels                      
Providence Journal Award – Sam Hunt & Veta Mayer

General Treasurer’s Young Leader Award- Awarded to a Junior
Justin Paik

Secretary of State Award- Mae Harrington  & Max Levine

Lt. Governor’s Advance RI Leadership Award- Sameer Khanbhai

First Congressional District Leadership Award - Andrea Zuzarte

The Spirit Giveth Life Award
The Spirit Giveth Life Award is conferred annually by the Upper School Faculty on two seniors of different genders whose actions in their lives at Wheeler exemplify the community values we hold esteem: Integrity,  Compassion,  Responsibility,  Respect for Learning
The award goes to -  Francess Kamara & Ben Volpe

2017 U.S. Presidential Scholars Competition
Ben Esposito
Andrew Lee

RI 8th Grade Gandhi Essay Contest
sponsored by Center for Nonviolence and Peace Studies at URI
Declan Allio is a finalist for the event on May 2

Intercollegiate Broadcasting System
2017 National Golden Microphone Awards
Sevrin Lavenstein, #1, Best high school BASKETBALL play-by-play announcer
Zac Emmanuel, Finalist, Best high school BASEBALL play-by-play announcer
Alex Evangelista, Finalist, Best high school BASKETBALL play-by-play announcer
Will Templeton, Finalist, Best high school BASEBALL play-by-play announcer

Youth American Grand Prix 2017 Finals
Hannah Yelnosky as a member of a Festival Ballet Ensemble.

History Bee
National Tournament Qualifiers: Miles Fox-Kemper, Oscar Lledo-Osborn, Stephen Rosa
Elementary Division Top 8: Samyu Yelmat
Regional Qualifiers: Madison Chase, Violet Matouk and Stephen Katzman
This I Believe RI Public Radio Essay Selections
Elizabeth Chivers
Claire Fay
2017 Wheeler Field Day Tee Shirt Design
Teddy Creamer

RI Academic Decathlon
Individual Medals
Zach Mollo Silver
Ruby Schnirman Bronze
Pratul Maddipudi Bronze
Troy Feng Silver
Jack Michaels Silver
Language and Literature
Pratul Maddipudi Silver
Gaurav Rathore Silver
Top scorer: Pratul Maddipudi
Pratul Maddipudi Gold
Gaurav Rathore Silver

Cum Laude International Honor Society
The Cum Laude ceremony was held March 9 in the Upper School. It honors the top scholars in the Junior and Senior classes. No more than 10% of a Junior Class and no more than 20% of a Senior class may be inducted. The criteria include grades, level of difficulty of courses and integrity. This year's inductees are:
Senior Class
1. Julia Berkson
2. Margot Chisholm
3. Teddy Creamer
4. Ben Esposito
5. Will Foulkes
6. Ally Monacelli
7. Ilan Upfal
8. Andrea Zuzarte
Junior Class
1. Michael Gibson-Prugh
2. Taissa Hayda
3. Ben Homer
4. Harry Martin
5. Justin Paik
6. Sophia Papandonatou
7. Naomi Shimberg
8. Shrestha Vijayendra
9. Shreya Vijayendra
The seniors inducted last year are:
1. Cindy Guo
2. Maya Hayda
3. Alex Homer
4. Ava Jiang
5. Andy Lee
6. Molly Usher
7. Toby Satterthwaite
8. Ruby Schnirman
9. Eleanor Sultana
10. Brianna Wu

National Merit Scholarship Competition Finalists
ELEVEN seniors have been named finalists in the 2017 competition. Congratulations to Ben Esposito, Cindy Guo, Alex Homer, Ava Jiang, Andy Lee, Amelia Nishimura, Toby Satterthwaite, Matthew Sawoski, Ruby Schnirman, Molly Usher and Brianna Wu.
National Merit Scholarship Competition Semiflnalists
A DOZEN National Merit Semifinalists! Wheeler congratulates the following seniors named as semifinalists in the 2017 National Merit Scholarship Competition: Cooper Bennet, Ben Esposito, Cindy Guo, Alex Homer, Ava Jiang, Andy Lee, Amelia Nishimura, Toby Satterthwaite, Matthew Sawoski, Ruby Schnirman, Molly Usher and Brianna Wu.

2017 National Merit Program Commended Students
Frederic Butler
Edward Creamer
Will Foulkes
Prerna Jagadeesh
Alexandra Monacelli
Andrew Willis
Andrea Zuzarte

RI State Nat Geo Bee qualifier
Patrick Colbert-Muetterties

RI Mock Trial Competition
The A Team is in the Elite 8 for 2017: Margot Chisholm, Teddy Creamer, Lauren Durkin, Mae Harrington, Caleb Radoccia, Molly Usher

US Presidential Scholars Program
Nine seniors are candidates in the 2017 US Presidential Scholars program to honor distinguished academic achievement. Winners will be selected in April. Congrats to Teddy Creamer, Ben Esposito, Ava Jiang, Andy Lee, Amelia Nishimura, Matt Sawoski, Ruby Schnirman, Molly Usher and Brianna Wu.

IBS High School/College Broadcasting Awards
Golden Microphone Trophy
Sevrin Lavenstein, Alex Evangelista and Will Templeton, Best Sports Play-By-Play Men's Basketball Category
Zac Emanuel and Will Templeton, Best Sports Play-By-Play Baseball Category

Wheeler School Spelling Bee 
The Winner is:  7th grader Isabella Lindsay-1st place; 2nd Place-8th grader Declan Allio; 3rd Place-4th grader Peter Promrat; 4th place tie-Hannah Gruber, Grade 7, and Laila Muhanna, Grade 5.

Lower School Spelling Bee 
Finalsts: 1st Place-Pete Promrat & Laila Muhanna; 2nd Place-Avery Pryor; 3rd Place-Nate Flum; 4th Place-Owen Baill; 5th Place-Max Beattie; 6th Place-Yiuhon Chan.

Geography Bee finalists
Middle School
1st Place-Patrick Colbert-Muetterties; 2nd Place-Hannah Gruber, Declan Allio, and Darshan Mehta; 3rd Place-Ella Levine; 4th Place-Claire Fay and Gavin Cohen.
Lower School
Preliminary Geo Bee are as follows:  1st Place=Ella Harris, Stephen Rosa and Franklin Pizzarello.  2nd Place-Samyu Yelmat.  3rd Place=Laila Muhanna.  4th Place=William Bruno, Owen Baill and Nate Flum.  Alternates are Ian Chang, Anna Pizzarello and Toby Pike.

2017 History Bee Regionals
Gr. 4: Nate Flum, Samyu Yelmat
Gr. 5: Madison Chase, Willa Mark, Violet Matouk, Stephen Rosa, Laila Muhanna
Gr. 6: Caleb Goodman, Owen Goulis, Maxwell Fox-Kemper
Gr. 7: Hannah Gruber, Oscar Lledo-Osborn, Gavin Cohen
Gr. 8: Declan Allio, Steven Katzman, Talia Jellinek-Knight, Jane Josefowicz, Miles Fox-Kemper

NFL New England Patriots' "Difference Maker"
Ally Marrinan was one of 15 volunteers honored December 24 by the New England Patriots as a Difference Maker for her efforts on behalf of Universal Promise, a female empowerment program in Addo, South Africa.  Ally raised $15,000 in funds, including her prize money from riding competitions, for the program. 
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