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Model UN Club Awards

SY 2018-19

10th grader Madison McDougall earned the Award of Merit for her work as Minister in the Office of the President in the UN Crisis Committee. The conference is the largest and most geographically diverse high school Model United Nations simulation in the world with over 5,000 participants across two sessions. All of our delegates distinguished themselves through their hard work and commitment to cooperation, compromise, and consensus. They were a delight to travel with and excellent ambassadors for the Wheeler School - advisor Gini Laffey, History Dept.

Wheeler MUN Conference 
Chris Sime, Outstanding Delegate, U.S. Immigration Crisis 2018-Senate
Eric Tang, Best Delegate, Myanmar Refugee Crisis, General Assembly

SY 2017-18

National Model UN Conference in NYC
Congratulations to the Wheeler Model United Nations Club for their outstanding work as the delegation representing France at the National Model United Nations 2018 in NYC. The Wheeler delegation worked hard in their committees crafting resolutions to solve international problems as varied as managing security in global telecommunications to protecting the rights of LGBT+ individuals in Africa. While this conference de-emphasizes awards, recognizing delegations rather than individuals for most committees, an individual award is given to one delegate for each of the Specialized Agencies. Senior Max Levine won the Award of Distinction for his work as Charles Schultz, Chairman, Council of Economic Advisors in the Cabinet of Jimmy Carter: The Iran Hostage Crisis (1979)

Boston University Model UN Conference
Co-president Adam Dolce won Outstanding Delegate as Jung Hyung-hwan in the South Korea State Cabinet at the 2018 Boston University Model United Nations Conference. 

Harvard Model UN Conference
Wheeler sent a large delegation to Harvard MUN in January of this year, which is one of the largest Model UN conferences in the world. Wheeler's team did an excellent job, and seven students were singled out for awards:
Alex Mirrer: Honorable Mention as C. Douglas Dillon, Secretary of the Treasury in President Johnson's Cabinet, 1963.
Adam Dolce and Max Levine, Verbal Commendation as Venezuela on the Historic Security Council, 1987
Cat Sawoski, Verbal Commendation as Venezuela the Organization of American States (OAS)
Honor Sucov, Verbal Commendation as Venezuela in the Social and Humanitarian Committee (SOCHUM). 
Alex Hopfenberg and Maya Pensa, Honorable Mention as Venezuela in the Historic General Assembly: Emergency Session on the Global Financial and Economic Crisis, 2009.

Brown Simulated Model UN Conference
Freshman Isaiah Suchman won Outstanding Delegate for his role representing Bahrain in the Environmental Assembly.  
Sophomore Alex Mirrer won a gavel as Best Delegate for her role as Admiral Fyodor Apraksin in Peter the Great's Court (1721). 

Wheeler Model UN Conference
Catherine Sawoski, who as Putin won a special award: The First and Only Kyle M. Dolce Award for Exceptional Diplomatic Maneuvering- Crimean Crisis 2014- Russian Government/Nato/Geneva and Beyond. 

SY 2016-17

National High School Model UN in NYC
At this international conference with more than 100 schools from 23 nations attending, Wheeler's 15-student delegation earned the Award of Merit for overall performance.

Juniors Adam Dolce and Max Levine won the top honor, the Award of Distinction, as China in the Historic Security Council, c. 2003.

The Wheeler Delegation: Sara Akhtar, Adam Dolce, Will Giguere, Junia Janvier, Harvey Lee, Max Levine, Bea Medina, Alex Mirrer, Laila Mizra, Gideon Parker, Ivan Ruiz, Lili Sanzo, Everett Smith, Shrestha Vejayendra, Shraya Vejayendra

Harvard Model UN Conference
Ben Esposito was recognized as a finalist for his essay on the theme "Right and Responsibility" before the conference took place, and invited to a coffee chat with Stacy D. Williams, a US State Department official and Acting Deputy Director of the Office of the Haiti Special Coordinator.
Francess Kamara won outstanding delegate representing el Salvador in the UN Economic and Social Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean.
Andy Lee earned a verbal commendation for his work in the Cabinet of the Governor of Puerto Rico. What is notable is that he had to apply for this position and participate entirely in Spanish. 

Brown University Model UN Conference
Adam Dolce, Commendation as Claudia Roth, German Parliament 2015
Max Levine, Outstanding Delegate as Leandro Daiello Coimbra, Director of Federal Police Dept., Brazil
SY 2015-16

Dartmouth College Model UN Conference
Kyle Dolce, Outstanding Delegate, International Olympic Committee, Richard Helms, USA.
Max Levine, Outstanding delegate, Economic and Financial, Chile
Owen Monroe, Best Position Paper, Disarmament and International Security, Chile
Harrison Hopfenberg, Yalta Conference, Fleet Admiral William Leahy, US Naval Chief of Staff to the President and Verbal Commendation
Adam Dolce, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Togo, Verbal Commendation

Harvard Model UN
Out of 3,500 international and national students present, FOUR Wheeler students were singled out for exceptional work:
Justin Paik was awarded Outstanding Essay and was invited to a special writing workshop with Elias Primoff, Associate Editor of Doctors Without Borders
Adam Dolce and Shreya Vejayendra earned verbal commendation for remarkable delegate performances representing San Marino, General Assembly, Disarmament and National Security Committee
Matthew Sawoski earned verbal commendation for remarkable delegate performance representing San Marino, General Assembly, World Conference on Indigenous peoples

Brown Model UN Conference 2015
Andy Lee, Best Delegate, Council of Ministers of the Soviet Union
Max Levine, Best Delegate, Aam Aadmi Party, The Rising Front in India
Adam Dolce, Outstanding Delegate in the Cabinet of Uganda
Michael Gibson-Prugh, Verbal Commendation in the Council of Nicea
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