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English/Writing Awards

SY 2018-19

Write Rhode Island short fiction competition
Notable Mention
Abby Paull
Catherine Sawoski

New England Young Writers' Conference at Middlebury College's Bread Loaf campus
Anneke Cornelissen
Jane Josefowicz

Youth Poetry Ambassador for Rhode Island
Junior Catherine Sawoski '20 was named 2019 Youth Poetry Ambassador for the state of Rhode Island by RI Poet Laureate Tina Cane. Last year, Catherine served as the state's Deputy Youth Poetry Ambassador.

Scholastic Writing Awards 
Declan Allio ’21 -- Honorable Mention Personal Essay/Memoir -- “Colors of Trump”

Nick Avalos ’21 -- Honorable Mention Short Story -- “An Imperfect Dream”

Anneke Cornelissen ’21 -- Silver Key Personal Essay/Memoir -- “Red Tassel Earrings”

Steven Katzman ’21 -- Honorable Mention Short Story -- “The Departed”

Madison McDougall ’21 -- Gold Key Poetry -- “Ode to My Hiking Boots”

Darshan Mehta ’21 -- Silver Key Poetry -- “IX Ways to Take a Photograph”

Alex Mirrer ’20 -- Honorable Mention Flash Fiction -- “The Wolf”

Ronnie Parrillo ’21 -- Silver Key Personal Essay/Memoir -- “The Shop”

Abigail Paull ’20 -- Honorable Mention Short Story -- “Pine For Clarity”

Catherine Sawoski ’20 -- Gold Key Short Story -- “Sustainability”

Catherine Sawoski ’20 -- Honorable Mention Poetry -- “Andrew”

Eric Tang ’21 -- Honorable Mention Science Fiction/Fantasy -- “Mysteries of Time Travel”

Mizmore Anthology eCollection
Junior Alex Mirrer will be published in the December 2018 edition. Her work is titled "Chasing Yamakas."

SY 2017-18

Rhode Island Youth Poetry Ambassador Initiative
Catherine Sawoski '20 was named as one of three finalists. As a finalist, Catherine will participate in a reading--along with the other finalists and this year's Ambassador and Deputy Ambassador April 30 at the State House Library. 

2018 National Scholastic Arts Award
Leah Huntley '18, Silver Key, Poetry

New England Young Writer's Conference at Bread Loaf
Annie McCauley
Theo Richter

Write Rhode Island Short Story Competition
Middle School student Claire Hagerty earned a Notable Mention for her story, "My Italian Grandmother."

2018 Rattle Young Poets Anthology
9th grader Jane Josefowicz had her poem "Blue" selected as one of 36 from across the country for this year's publication.

RI Scholastic Writing Awards
Please join the English department in congratulating the following students!
Bree Andruzzi ‘18  -- Honorable Mention -- Personal Essay & Memoir -- “Finding Solid Ground”

Nicholas Avalos ‘21 -- Silver Key -- Personal Essay & Memoir -- “All Eyes on Me”

Nicholas Avalos ‘21 -- Silver Key -- Short Story -- “The Russian”

Megan Gibson-Prugh ‘23 -- Gold Key -- Poetry -- “Turtle”

Megan Gibson-Prugh ‘23 -- Gold Key -- Poetry -- “Betrayal”

Megan Gibson-Prugh ‘23 -- Honorable Mention -- Poetry -- “On My Own”

Chloe Guo ‘20 -- Honorable Mention -- Poetry -- “Ode to the Nighttime”

Leah Huntley ‘18 -- Gold Key -- Personal Essay & Memoir -- “Evolution”

Leah Huntley ‘18 -- Gold Key -- Poetry -- “Ode to Loathing”

Leah Huntley ‘18 -- Honorable Mention -- Writing Portfolio -- “In Whose Hands”

Ashrita Iyengar ‘20 -- Silver Key -- Personal Essay & Memoir -- “Two Different Worlds”

Rare Byrd Review
Sophomore Alex Mirrer has had a poem, "Ode to a Sticky Note" accepted for publication.

SY 2016-17
Juniper Institute for Young Writers at UMass

Emma Lemire

John F. Kennedy Profiles In Courage Essay Contest
Matthew Sawoski is one of 15 Centennial Award recipients earning a cash prize and a copy of the book. from the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation.

RI State "Write Rhode Island" Short Story Competition
Senior Ben Esposito earned a 'notable read' distinction.
New England Young Writer's Conference
Junior Michael Gibson-Prugh has been selected to the 3-days of writing workshops and readings at Middlebury's Bread Loaf campus this May. 

2017 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards
Nicholas Avalos, Silver Key, Flash Fiction: "The Tomb"
Ben Esposito, Gold Key, Critical Essay: "A New Electoral College"
                      Silver Key, Short Story, "Little Rhody"
                       Honorable Mention, Personal Essay/Memoir: "The Wasted Days"
Michael Gibson-Prugh, Silver Key, Personal Essay/Memoir: "Masculinity, My Way"
                                  Honorable Mention, Short Story: "The Crow"
Marina Hojman, Honorable Mention, Personal Essay/Memoir: "Often and Sometimes"
                         Honorable Mention, Personal Essay/Memoir: "Leaves, Roots, and Time"
Leah Huntley,  Silver Key, Flash Fiction: "Crabs"

SY 2015-16
RI Council of Teachers of English
Essay category for Juniors and Seniors
Ben Esposito, first place
Short Fiction, Middle School
Paul Chirkov, first place
Poetry, Middle School
Elizabeth Chivers, first place, Harrison Goldberg, second place, Ella Levine, third place
Short Fiction, Lower School
Claire Hagerty, second place
Anna Marston, third place

2016 Scholastic Writing Competition
Amy Vogel -- Gold Key Poetry -- Three Instances of Depression

Amy Vogel -- Silver Key Poetry -- Junior Year Infinitives

Amy Vogel -- Honorable Mention Poetry -- An Ode to Potential

Amy Vogel -- Gold Key Short Story -- Fat Joke

Amy Vogel -- Honorable Mention Personal Essay/Memoir -- Leviticus 20:13

Benjamin Esposito --  Honorable Mention Critical Essay -- The Nuclear Alternative

Cindy Guo -- Gold Key Poetry -- Philosophical Ventures While Lying in Bed at Night

Cindy Guo -- Honorable Mention Critical Essay -- It's My Way or the Highway: An Analysis of the Arrogance, Absolutism, and Rationale of the Christian Church

Cindy Guo -- Honorable Mention Personal Essay/Memoir -- The Perfection of Flowers Blossoming in a Fiel

Letters About Literature National Reading & Writing contest
Level 3 (gr. 9-12) State Honorable Mention
Michael Gibson-Prugh
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