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Math Awards

SY 2018-19

American Regions Mathematics League annual competition
Rhode Island Team
Four of the RI team members going to Penn State for the national competition in June are Wheeler students.  
Eric Tang, 10th grade, RI Team co-captain
Brandon Zhang, 11th grade, RI Team co-captain
Yishi Huang, 11th grade
Neil Panth, 9th grade

New England Math League Final Season Contest
Wheeler finished 9th in New England out of 168 teams with the following students earning these honors: Troy Feng, 10th in N.E., Eric Tang, 20th in N.E. and Brandon Zhang, 32nd in N.E.

RI Mathematics League 
Wheeler #1 at end of regular season of 783 participants, and Providence Division Winner
Overall #1 Cumulative High Scorer and Grade Level Highest Scorer
Eric Tang, Grade 10
Cumulative High Scorers
Neil Panth, also Gr. 9 tie for Grade Level High Scorer
Brandon Zhang, Gr. 11 Grade Level High Scorer

RIML Playoffs  
2nd overall in State and perfect scores (Troy Feng, Daniel Shimberg, and Eric Tang), and one person with one point off of perfect (Neil Panth). 

6th grader William Bruno will go to the nationals as part of the RI team as the youngest Wheeler student to ever go to nationals. Wheeler team earned second place: Victoria Spradlin, William Bruno, Sanjana Maddipudi, Annie Xia, Jean Huang-Gao, Willie Chivers, Miranda Ye, Josh Shin, Harry Feng, and Amol Rathore. Miranda, Josh, Amol all tied for 7th, Miranda went on the countdown round and got 4th in countdown.

NEML Middle School Report
8th Grade, 10th in New England
Top school scorers: Miranda Ye (25th in N.E.) 1st, Josh Shin 2nd, Kelly Young and Harry Feng tied for 3rd, Teague Spooner, Anna Marston, Lillian Remondi, William Wert and Amol Rathore tied for 4th

7th Grade, 16th in New England
Top school scorers: Annie Xia and Sanjana Maddipudi tied for 1st, Avery Pryor and Victoria Spradlin tied for 2nd, Isaac Paull and Liv Deitcher tied for 3rd and Laila Muhanna, 4th

6th Grade, 7th in New England
Top school scorers: William Bruno, 13th in N.E., 1st; Nate Flum, Reid Purdy and Robert O'Hara, tied for 2nd; Seoyon Kim and Willia Chivers tied for 3rd and Ian Chang, 4th

New England Math League March Report
Wheeler is in the TOP TEN New England Schools for cumulative scoring
Perfect Score: Troy Feng, Eric Tang, Brandon Zhang
Cumulative High Scoring Students: Troy Feng 8th in New England; Brandon Zhang 14th

Ten students have been selected to represent Wheeler at the March 2 state competition:
William Bruno
Willy Chivers
Harry Feng
Jean Huang-Gao
Sanjana Mannipuddi
Amol Rathore
Josh Shin
Victoria Spradlin
Annie Xia
Miranda Ye

New England Math League January 2019 Score Report
Perfect Score: Troy Feng, Daniel Shimberg, Eric Tang, Brandon Zhang
Troy Feng is 11th in the region in high scoring cumulative and 

American Mathematics Contest  (AMC 8)
1st, top 5% of 8th Graders in the land: William Bruno (6th Grade)
2nd, Kelly Young (Grade 7)
3rd (tie)
Anna Marston (8th)
Harry Feng (8th)
Declan Murphy (8th)
Victoria Spradlin (7th)
Evelyn Zhang (6th)
Seoyon Kim (6th)

RI Math League
Final scores for the January meet were:
Wheeler - 73
East Greenwich - 68
Barrington - 68
Moses Brown - 57

High Scorers - Neil Panth and Eric Tang are tied at first with 50 points each. Other high scorers from Wheeler are Brandon Zhang and Declan Allio 

Final scores for the December meet were:
Wheeler - 75
Moses Brown - 72
Barrington - 61
Classical - 58
Combined scores from this match with the previous one:
Wheeler - 75 + 83 = 158
Moses Brown - 72 + 74 = 146
Barrington - 61 + 80 = 141
Classical - 58 + 62 = 120
High scorers - Eric Tang and Neil Panth both got perfect 18s, and Noah Medina got a 15.

RI Math League November Summary
Wheeler is in the top 15 schools in the New England region
Perfect Scores
Hanfei Bu
Eric Tang
High Scoring Students (cumulative through the season to date)
Troy Feng
Daniel Shimberg
Eric Tang

RI Math League
Meet #1 with 529 students competing and 13 perfect scores. 
Wheeler took first place overall.
Junior Brandon Zhang had a perfect score. 10th grader Declan Allio and 9th grader Neil Panth were High Scorers.

SY 2017-18
American Mathematical Society 
Outstanding Achievement Award, School
Justin Paik

New England Math League
Gr. 4
George Karonis, 1st
Sophia Mocco and Will Warner, tie for 2nd
Robin Linden, Philip Dang, Jack Gaudioso and Jack Himelfarb, tie for 3rd
Maisie Rampino, David Schneider, and Lola Darling, tie for 4th
Gr. 5
William Bruno, 1st
Robert O'Hara and Nate Flum, tie for 2nd
Pete Promrat and Bodhi Becker, tie for 3rd
Reid Purdy and Ian Chang, tie for 4th

Mathematical Olympiads
Gr. 6

Sanjanana Maddipudi, Gold, 1st place in school
Luke Nelson, Silver, 2nd place in school
Toby Pike, Silver, 3rd place in school
Laila Muhanna, Silver, 4th place in school
Gr. 5
Reid Purdy, 1st place in school
Pete Promrat, 2nd place in school
William Bruno and Robert O'Hara, tie for 3rd place in school
Saki Nicholas, 4th place in school

Middle School Mathcounts
Harry Feng finished in the top 8 at the RI competition where the Wheeler team finished third.

New England Mathematics League (Middle School)
RI first place sweep of Gr. 6, 7 and 8!
6th Grade
Quinn Kennedy, 1st; Max Jellinek-Knight and Josh Shin, 2nd; Luke Nelson and Franklin Pizzarello, 4th
7th Grade
Harry Feng, 1st; Teague Spooner, 2nd
8th Grade
Paul Chirkov, 1st; Noah Medina and Amol Rathor, 2nd; Oscar Lledo and Genevieve Steever, 4th

New England Mathematics League (Upper School)
January 2018 Report
The Wheeler School ranked 8th in the region, highest ranking RI school, and first in RI and three students earned perfect scores: Troy Feng, Justin Paik and Eric Tang. Paik, Tang and Daniel Shimberg were listed in the High Scoring Student - Cumulative category.

AMC - 8 (American Mathematics Competition)
Paul Chirkov, 1st; Max Homer, 2nd, Hanna Gruber, 3rd. Followed by a 3-way tie between Claire Fay, Eli Levy and Manuel Dal-Bo.

Justin Paik
earned a Perfect Score on the N.E. Math League November contest.  Wheeler is tied for first place in RI and in the Top 10 in New England.

The Math Team held off a tough Barrington HS team to win the first and second meets of the season in the RI Math League.  Great work, team! As of early November, Wheeler is the top RI team in New England.
Justin Paik
Troy Feng
Brandon Zhang
Daniel Shimberg
Eric Tang
Anneke Cornelissen
Arvind Sridhar
Ayush Gupta
Bill Xia
Chloe Guo
Declan Allio
Iman Khanbhai
Jack Michaels
Jack Silver
Mira Pensa
Steven Katzman
Tahseen Younus

SY 2016-17

Mathematical Olympiads
Middle School division
Amol Rathore 1st, Top 10%
Harry Feng, 2nd, Top 10%
William Wert, 3rd, Top 10%
Anna Marston, 4th, Top 10%
Lindsey Katzman, 5th, Top 20%

Lower School Elementary Division
Josh Shin, 1st, Top 10%
William Bruno, 2nd, Top 10%
Caitlynna Jian, William Singer, Andy Weisberg, tie for 3rd, Top 20%

Middle School New England Math League
Algebra Category
Darshan Mehta, qualified for Invitational
Declan Allio
Sylvan Shrank
Jamie Mayer
Evan Harrison
Mira Pensa
Bill Xia

New England Math League (Upper School)
Second place overall among 15 RI teams in state playoffs.
Team: Troy Feng, Ava Jiang, Gus Lee, Justin Paik, Matt Sawoski, Brandon Zhang

April 2017 High School Summary
Wheeler ranked in Top 12 High Scoring Schools, Cumulative
Students With A Perfect Score
Troy Feng, Matt Sawoski, Daniel Shimberg
High Scoring Students, Cumulative
Troy Feng

New England Math League (Middle School)
Wheeler is ONLY RI school to be ranked in NE Math League for Gr. 6-8. Our Aerie enrichment program shared these league results: Wheeler ranked #1 in RI in Gr. 8 with 3 of 4 top spots going to Wheeler students. Wheeler ranked #1 in RI in Gr. 7 with 4 of 4 top student spots. Wheeler ranked #1 in RI in Gr. 6 with 3 of the 4 top student spots.

Gr. 8
Wheeler ranked #1 in RI, #17 in N.E. (only RI school)
Eric Tang, ranked #7 in New England (only RI student ranked); ranked #1 in RI
Bill Xia, ranked #2 in RI
Declan Allio, ranked #4 in RI

Gr. 7
Wheeler ranked #1 in RI, ranked #26 in NE (only RI school ranked)
Noah Medina, ranked #1 in RI
Jack Lemire, ranked #2 in RI
Elizabeth Chivers, ranked #3 in RI
Oscar LLedo-Osborn, ranked #3 in RI

Gr. 6 
Wheeler ranked #1 in RI, ranked #16 in NE (only RI school)
Harry Feng, ranked #1 in RI
Amol Rathore, ranked #2 in RI
Lilly Remondi, ranked #4 in RI

MATHCOUNTS State Championship
Wheeler is the winning school for the RI State Championship.
Eric Tang, Gr. 8, came in first in both the individual written rounds AND the countdown round. He'll be a member of the Rhode Island state team and Wheeler Math teacher Tom Wharton will be the RI state coach at the National MATHCOUNTS Competition in Orlando in early May.
Out of about 200 mathletes throughout the state from 23 schools, all 7 of the Wheeler students that competed were in the top 25%.
Eric Tang (1st)
Declan Allio (5th)
Bill Xia (10th)
Paul Chirkov (12th)
Noah Medina (29th)
Steven Katzman (31st)
Miles Fox-Kemper (45th)

AIME (American Invitational Math Exam) qualifiers
Justin Paik, Matthew Sawoski qualified from taking the AMC-12 and 8th grader Eric Tang qualified on the AMC-10, the first time in 15 years an 8th grader has accomplished this.
AMC 8 
Eric Tang, Honor Roll of Distinction, Top 1% nationally, Gold as first place in section
Steven Katzman, Honor Roll certificate, Top 5% nationally, Gold
Sylvan Schrank,  Honor Roll certificate, Top 5% nationally, Silver
Anna Cornelissen, Honor Roll certificate, Top 5% nationally, Bronze
Other honors from the examination: Adah Bryan, Gold; Luc Gaitskell, Silver; Jane Josefowicz, Silver; Paul Chirkov, Bronze; Nathan Fogarty, Bronze
New England Mathematics League
Contest #5 - Perfect Scores
Troy Feng, Matthew Sawoski, Eric Tang

New England Mathematics League
Contest #2
Justin Paik was high scoring student and Wheeler is tied for #1 in RI.

November Scores

School Team 2nd place in Rhode Island, 4th overall in N.E.
Justin Paik had a perfect score
SY 2015-16

2015-16 Math Olympiads, School Division, 
Sixth Grade
Declan Allio, 1st (top 2%)
Jack Lemire and Noah Medina, 2nd
Elizabeth Chivers and Manuel Dal Bo, 3rd
Fifth Grade
Amol Rathore, 1st
Harry Feng and Anna Marston, 2nd 
Benjamin Jewett, Nicholas Karamanian and Boo Paradiso, 3rd

New England Math League
Sixth Grade
Declan Allio, Paul Chirkov and Max Homer, 1st
Oscar Lledo-Osborn and Hanna Gruber, 2nd
Charlie Caiati, Manolo Dal Bo, Ruby Goldstein, Louisa Nishimura and Elizabeth Chivers, 3rd
Seventh Grade
Lucien Gaitskell, 1st
Eli Landry and Bill Xia, 2nd
Darshan Mehta, 3rd
Eighth Grade
Daniel Shimberg, 1st
James Chivers and Allison Paik, 2nd
Ross Cornelissen, 3rd
Eighth Grade Algebra
Michael Barone, 1st
Ross Cornelissen, 2nd
Alex Hojman, 3rd
Fifth Grade (46th in US, top 5%)
Sam Moessing, 1st, (top 3%) 
Amol Rathore, 2nd
Harry Feng, 3rd
Anna Marston and William Wart, 4th
Fourth Grade (76th in US, top 11%)
Kennedy Bell, 1st
Laila Muhanna, Liv Deitcher, Josh Shin, Norah Kiley and Rachel Goldman, 2nd
Jean Huang-Gao, Caitlynna Jian, and Toby Pike, 3rd

RI Math League 2015-16 season:
Wheeler finished in third place overall and second in the playoffs, ahead of 33 other teams. Two students (Ava Jiang and Troy Feng) were among the top 10 scorers in the league. Both got trophies for that at the Playoffs on April 13th and Troy got another trophy for top-scoring ninth grader in the state. At the Playoffs we tied for second place among 12 schools and again Troy got the trophy for top-scoring ninth grader at that competition ?
Wheeler RIML Playoff Team: 
Raghu Nimmagadda 
Ben Saccone 
Ava Jiang 
Matthew Sawoski 
Justin Paik 
Troy Feng 
Wheeler RIML Regular Season Team: 
Kass Hofmann 
Ken Lee 
Raghu Nimmagadda 
Ben Saccone 
Sydney Weinberg
Julia Berkson 
Alex Best 
Ani Iyengar 
Ava Jiang 
Matthew Sawoski 
Gus Lee 
Geoffrey Moss 
Justin Paik 
Troy Feng 
Aidan Wu 

New England Mathematics League

Upper School Category, April
Wheeler School, tied for 1st in Region and 11th in New England
Ava Jiang and Matthew Sawoski, Perfect Scores

Middle School Category, April
Top 29 Schools (6th Grade)
Wheeler School, #12 in League, #1 in Region
Top 35 Students in Region
Declan Allio, #1
Paul Chirkov, #1
Maxwell Homer, #1

Top 32 Schools (7th Grade)
Wheeler School, #22 in League, #1 in Region
Top 36 Students in Region
Lucien Gaitskell, #1
Eli Landry #2
Darshan Mehta #2
Bill Xia #2

Top 31 Schools (8th Grade)
Wheeler School, #17 in League, #1 in Region
Top 36 Students in Region
Daniel Shimberg #1
James Chivers #3
Allison Paik #3

MathCounts Middle School state competition
Daniel Shimberg came in 3rd overall and made the RI Team that will compete at Nationals in Washington DC in May. He also came in second place in the countdown round.
Mick Chivers came in 5th place overall and 3rd in the countdown round.
All 10 Wheeler mathletes were in the top third of the 200+ students that competed.
The team came in 2nd place overall out of 27 teams.
Team members: 
Declan Allio, Paul Chirkov, Mick Chivers, Steven Katzman, Brian Kook, Jack Lemire, Noah Medina, Shivesh Mehrotra, Daniel Shimberg, Bill Xia
Coach Tom Wharton

New England Math League
School Results
1.    Declan Allio-28
2.     Paul Chirkov-28
3.     Max Homer-28
4.     Oscar Lledo Osborn-23
5.     Hannah Gruber-23
Team Total=130
6.     Charlie Caiati-22
7.     Manolo Dal Bo-22
8.     Ruby Goldstein-22
9.     Louisa Nishimura-22
10.  Elizabeth Chivers-22
1.     Lucien Gaitskell-26
2.     Eli Landry-24
3.     Bill Xia-24
4.     Darshan Mehta-24
5.     Cecily Goulis-22
Team Total=120
6.     Sylvan Schrank-22
1.     Daniel Shimberg-26
2.     James Chivers-24
3.     Allison Paik-24
4.     Ross Cornelissen-23
5.     Michael Barone-22
Team total=119
6.     Gaurav Rathore-22
7.     Delaney Foss-22
8.     Shivesh Mehrotra-22

2015 AMC8 Honors
Daniel Shimberg and Shivesh Mehrotra, first place tie and top 1% nationally
Mick Chivers, top 5% nationally
Gaurav Rathore
American Invitational Mathematics Exam 
Troy Feng
Dennis Gastel
Ava Jiang
Matt Sawoski
New England Mathematics League December Summary
Wheeler had FIVE perfect scores in this round!
Ava Jiang
Raghu Nimmagadda
Justin Paik
Toby Satterthwaite
Matthew Sawoski

New England Mathematics League November Score Summary
Wheeler School, Top 20 ranking

Students with Perfect Score
Ava Jiang, Justin Paik
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The Wheeler School is an independent coeducational college preparatory day school for Nursery, Pre-K, K-Grade 12 serving Providence, RI, Greater Providence and Greater Boston. The Hamilton School welcomes Grades 1-8 with language-based learning differences.