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2015-16 Athletic Awards Spring Season

Tennis, Harry Mazurkie
Baseball, Jack McNamee
Softball, Ada Bruno  
Boys Lacrosse, Will Dias
Girls Lacrosse, Allison Paik   

Tennis, Zeah Pivorunas
Baseball A, Clark Telfeian
B, Evan Sucov
Softball, Emma Mirrer
Boys Lacrosse, Alex Marootian and William Barnett
Girls Lacrosse A, Brooke Nani
B, Jamie D’Ambra

Girls Lacrosse, Maya Sullivan
Softball, Catherine Horwitz
Golf, Jeffrey Giguere
Baseball, Eric Shung-Wen Pappas
Tennis, Danish Azam
Track, Camila Michaels and Ben Sprague
Boys Lacrosse,  Garrett Pilgrim
Girls Lacrosse, Ryan Green
Softball, Peyton Aleixo
Golf, Justin Paik and Harrison Sparr
Baseball, Dakota Wharton
Tennis, Kenneth Lee
Track, Emily Allcock, Luc Allio and Ivan Ruiz
Boys Lacrosse,  Simon Weisser
Girls Lacrosse, Tizi Chisholm
Boys Tennis, Aidan Wu

SENE Track Championships
400m - Emily Allcock (also 5th in 200m)
800m - Camila Michaels, 3rd - Maddie Heynen
4x400 Relay (SENE Meet Record): Emily Allcock, Chloe Esposito, Maddie Heynen, Camlia Michaels
4x100 Relay, 5th: Emily Allcock, Sarah Farid, Maddy LaCamera, Stella Ricci
Shot put: 3rd: Mary Hanna

200m Dash - Ben Volpe, 5th, Eniang Bassey-Eleyi, 6th
400m Dash - Ben Sprague, 3rd
800m - Sam Yelonsky, 3rd
1500m - Adam Farid, 2nd; George Ward, 6th
3,000m - Adam Farid, 3rd
4x100m Relay, 2nd: Eniang Bassey-Eleyi, Ben Sprague, Ben Volpe, Will Volpe
4x400 Relay, 3rd: Eniang Bassey-Eleyi, Ben Sprague, Ben Volpe, George Ward
Long Jump - Ben Sprague, 4th
Shot Put - Keith Vieira, 4th
Discus - Keith Vieira, 6th

NEPSTA Track Championships
800m - champion: Camila Michaels; bronze - Maddie Heynen
4x400 - silver: Emily Allcock, Chloe Esposito, Maddie Heynen, Camlia Michaels
800m - 6th: Sam Yelonsky

Youth Rowing National Championships Qualifiers
Harrison Snow, first place finish at regionals in Men's Youth Double to qualify
Toby Satterthwaite, qualifier in Men's Youth Singles and Men's Youth Double
Lucy Hamilton, qualifier in Women's Youth Double
Theo Golstein, qualifier in Men's Lightweight Double

All State/All-Division Selections
Spring 2016
Divison III Player of the Year            Eric Shung-Wen Pappas
1st Team All-Division III                   Ben Aleixo
                                                      Dan Baruch
                                                      Joe Boushell
2nd Team All-Division III                   Sam Hunt
                                                      Nick Souza
Boys Tennis
1st Team All-State Doubles                         Peter Pond & Simon Redfern
2nd Team All-State Singles                          Danish Azam
1st Team All-Division II Met B Singles         Danish Azam
                                                               Kenneth Lee
1st Team All-Division II Met B Doubles        Peter Pond & Simon Redfern
                                                               Hunter Moore & Jan Fimmers
2nd Team All-Division II Met B Singles        Ani Iyengar
                                                               Nick Lowinger
2nd Team All-Division II Met B Doubles       Jonathan Gunasti & Troy Feng
1st Team All-Division III                   Catherine Horwitz
2nd Team All-Division III                   Naomi Shimberg
3rd Team All-Division III                   Peyton Aleixo
                                                      Sydney Krivitsky
Honorable Mention Division III          Andrea Salas
Divison III Team Sportsmanship Award
Boys Lacrosse
1st Team All-Division II North           Will Foulkes
                                                      Dennis Gastel
                                                      Dan Smith
2nd Team All-Division II North           Will Godley
                                                      Simon Weisser
Girls Lacrosse
All-Division I                                   Veta Mayer
1st Team All-Division I South             Anna Metcalf
                                                      Ellie Miller
2nd Team All-Division I South            Ryan Gree
Maya Sullivan
All-Rookie Team                              Meghan Keenan
All-Academic Award                         Maya Sullivan
SENE Golf Championship Medalist     Jeffrey Giguere
All-SENE                                         Jeffrey Giguere
                                                      Justin Paik
                                                      Harrison Sparr
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