How did race impact your Wheeler experience?

June 25, 2020

To our Alumni and Alumni families,

In our professional roles at Wheeler, and our experiences as a Black parent of two Wheeler alumni and a Black alumna, in partnership with Allison Gaines Pell, Head of School, and Board Chair Alisia St. Florian ‘86, we want you to know that we hear you and with profound understanding, humility, and gratitude, we welcome your reflections about your time at Wheeler. We are deeply sorry if even for one day, you as a Black student or a student of color felt unsupported or harmed. Over the last decade, we have been working to create an inclusive and equitable community; there is still so much to be done! Your voice, your experience, and your disappointment will be our guide in dismantling the racist systems which have not held us accountable when we failed to live the spirit of our mission.

Please share your reflections on the attached form or you may directly contact Head of School, Allison Gaines Pell,  Director of Unity & Diversity Princess Sirleaf Bomba or Director of Alumni Engagement Kelly Clifton ‘02. Your words will be shared with our Equity Task Force, gathering this summer to make concrete recommendations for actions moving forward and will keep you informed.

We are working to create a school you will be proud to call your alma mater. We will! We must!

With love and care,

Princess Sirleaf Bomba, Director of Unity and Diversity and Kelly Clifton ‘02, Director of Alumni Engagement

With Allison Gaines Pell, Head of School and Alisia St. Florian ‘86, Chair, Board of Trustees

A banner stating Black lives matter hangs on the campus with purple and gold school color handprints surrounding it.
Before a special Moment of Silence event in June after the death of George Floyd, Art Department faculty members, students and others came to campus to create this banner. Photo by Ryan Davis