Wheeler Alumni Board

Wheeler is fortunate to have a committed, loyal group of alumni leaders who serve the School and advance its mission.  From giving voice to alumni ideas and concerns, leading philanthropic efforts and representing the alumni community at campus events and on committees, the following alumni truly exemplify how The Spirit Giveth Life.


Alumni Association Leadership 2019-20

Peter Pizzarello ’92, President
Peter Brown ‘03, Vice President
Carol Graves Cimilluca ’59, Past President 

Board Members

John Clarke ‘06
Susan Clegg ’85
Ethan Colaiace ’89
Constance Payan Danforth ’50 (Special appointment)
Brian Franklin ‘92
John Goncalves ‘09
Brooke Kaufman ‘62
Elizabeth Duffy Makin ‘85
Eric Miller ‘89
Sabine Schaefers ‘04 (Hamilton Representative)
Aaron Spacone ‘06
Kerci Marcello Stroud ‘96
Kate Green Vibert ‘59 

Student Representative
Emily Colaiace ‘21 

Advancement Liaisons
Kelly Clifton ’02, Director of Alumni Engagement
Michele Sczerbinski Diaz ‘86, member, Mary Colman Wheeler Society and Senior Director of Philanthropy and Engagement