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Tuition & Financial Aid

2016-17 PFS Available November 2, 2015
Starting Monday, November 2, 2015 you can visit the SSS website to begin the financial aid process by completing the Parent Financial Statement for the 2016-17 school year.
Financial Aid Overview
Wheeler’s financial aid program provides financial assistance to students who otherwise might not be able to afford the tuition. Our admissions process is need-blind, which means that financial need does not influence whether students are admitted.  Each student’s admission decision is based solely on academic merit and personal qualities. In addition, our financial aid process is need-based, which means that all financial aid is awarded based on a family's demonstrated financial need.  A student's academic merit and personal qualities do not influence the financial aid award.

Financial Aid FAQ
Q. How is financial need determined?
A. The major factors affecting financial need include the family’s net income and assets, the number of dependents in the household, and the number of children attending tui­tion-charging schools and colleges. Allowances are made for certain taxes, medical costs, and unusual expenses, as well as other adjustments which are recognized by the Internal Revenue Service. Financial need is determined by subtracting from the total educational expenses the amount of money a family can contribute based on the above criteria.

Q. Does Wheeler offer any academic, arts, or athletic scholarships?
A. All financial aid at Wheeler is based on need, rather than on a student's area of strength or interest.  

Q. How do I apply for financial aid at Wheeler?
In order to apply for financial aid at The Wheeler School you must complete three steps:

1)     Complete the Parents' Financial Statement** (PFS) (Preliminary Draft Due December 31, 2015 and Final Draft Due January 29, 2016).
2)     Submit your 2014 Form 1040 and related schedules (Due December 31, 2015). 
3)     Submit your 2015 W-2 Form(s) (Due February 10, 2016).
**The SSS code number for The Wheeler School is 8170. This number should be entered in item 7A of the PFS.
All of these documents must be submitted online through the School and Student Service for Financial Aid ( Applications for aid are not consid­ered until all required forms are submitted to the school.  Because requests for financial assistance often exceed the funds available, it is important to submit required materials in a timely fashion. PFS Forms filed after the final deadline of January 29th may well be excluded from consideration by the Financial Aid Committee. 

Q. What happens after I have completed the application?
A. Within the limits of our financial aid budget and according to our need-based financial aid policies, Wheeler uses the SSS recommendation as a guideline in determining the financial aid award to be offered to each family. Every effort is made to meet the financial need of all accepted students. Parents of all applicants will receive a letter detailing whether and how much financial aid has been awarded to the student.

Q. Is tuition paid in one lump sum or can I spread out my payments?
Wheeler offers three payment options:

1)     You may pay the tuition in full by July 31
2)     You may pay the tuition in two equal installments on July 31 and November 30; or
3)     You may pay the tuition in 10 monthly installments, starting in June and ending in March. The  10-month plan requires an annual application/administration fee.

Regardless of which payment option you choose, please be aware that non-tuition charges (i.e. books, athletic supplies, classroom supplies) are payable when billed.  

Q. Additional Information: Tuition Refund Plan and Enrollment Deposit
Since Wheeler cannot refund or cancel unpaid obligations in the event of a student’s absence or withdrawal, we provide a Tuition Refund Plan which will pay some or all of the outstanding financial obligation. The premium for this coverage is approxi­mately 1.1% of the tuition and all new students are required to purchase this cover­age.

An enrollment deposit is required as a condition of accepting an enrollment con­tract. The enrollment deposit is a one-time payment of $500 which Wheeler retains until the student graduates or decides not to return. The deposit will be returned if the terms of the enrollment contract are fulfilled, but forfeited if the terms of the enrollment contract are breached.
Tuition & Fees 2016-17
Grades 6 - 12: $33,865

Kindergarten - 5: $31,155

Nursery, Pre-Kindergarten (half day): $16,560

Hamilton School at Wheeler: $47,190

Hamilton Upper School Academic Support Program (HASP): $43,535

Fees Required by Grade:
Student Activity Fee
     Upper School (9-12): $425
     Middle School (6-8): $375
     Lower School (K-5): $225
     Pre-K & Nursery: $125

Optional Fees

Lower School:
Afternoon Option (11:30 to 3:00)
Grades N & Pre-K (1 to 5 days pro rata): $4,800

WOW - After School Program (3:00 to 5:30)
Grades N-5, & Hamilton (1 to 5 days pro rata): $3,500

Emergency After School Care
11:30 am to 3:00 pm: $45 (Per day)
3:00 pm to 5:30 pm: $35 (Per day)

Middle School Yearbook: $55

Tuition Refund Insurance: 1.0% of Tuition
Letter from The Director of Admission
Financial Aid Information Letter

This letter from Director of Admission Jeanette Epstein describes important information regarding the financial aid policy at Wheeler.

Please carefully review this letter before beginning the financial aid process and contact the Admission Office if you have any questions or concerns.
Financial Aid Resources
View the PFS form and other financial aid resources in Spanish.

Starting Monday, November 2, 2015 you can begin your online application for financial aid and view web tutorials on completing the PFS.  **The SSS code number for The Wheeler School is 8170, entered into item Part B, "Student Applicant Information."

Get all the help you need to ensure your financial aid application is complete.