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Welcome to Lower School
Our Mission Statement
The goal of the Lower School is to support each student in developing the academic skills, personal awareness, and emotional resilience necessary to be a successful learner and valued member of the community.

About Us
The Lower School offers a sophisticated, joyful, play-based learning experience for Wheeler School's youngest students. Driven by the Lower School Mission Statement and our commitment to represent and include a multicultural and diverse perspective in our studies, we aim to challenge our students academically in all areas of the curriculum. As members of a spirited, family-like Nursery through Grade 12 community, Lower School children are often inspired by the older students and they learn to respect differences and to honor the open exchange of ideas through daily role modeling.  There is always balance between the intentional teaching and the joy our students find in learning. It is a great environment to learn in for both students and adults!  The positive energy and buzz around this school is infectious.
Our Lower School Mathematics Program
Learn about Math in Focus
The Wheeler Lower School, Hamilton, and Sixth Grade implemented the Math in Focus program in the 2012-13 academic year. See what the program looks like by watching our video.
Special Program Links
Unique to the Lower School at Wheeler are the quality "special" subjects that are a regular part of each child's day.  Click on the links below to learn more about what our students experience in the areas of enrichment and arts education.
Aerie Program
Art Department
Performing Arts Department

How do we integrate technology in the classrooms?
Our teachers at Wheeler act as technology integrationists researching technology tools and choosing technologies that enhance curriculum, instruction and student learning. Teachers use their instructional expertise and content knowledge to identify innovative ways technologies may be used to teach their subject area disciplines.

Technology Integration at Wheeler
To learn more about the ways we are integrating technology into teaching and learning across the school, visit the Technology Integration Page

Visit the Prescott Library
Travel to the Prescott Library Home Page for information about this special part of our program -  a resource for children and families
Contact Information
Dana Hahn
Head of Lower School

Patricia Glendinning
Administrative Assistant Lower School & Aerie
A Look Inside
Nursery Class and Caps For Sale
Wheeler School Broadcasting presents the Nursery Class performance of "Caps For Sale."

Lower School Community Meeting Video
What happens in the Lower School Community Meeting? 
Every Wednesday it's the place to be...
This is Lower School!
First Grade Writers

Students in Catherine Vaughn's first grade class are deep into the writing process. Students used their classroom iPads to create their own super heroes - the jumping off point for a creative writing project where these first graders created their own comic strips.  See the amazing results!
Fifth Grade Science Featured in the News
Providence Journal Video Visit to Suzy Williams Class
Fifth Graders face an engineering challenge in this video visit by the Providence Journal.