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Hamilton School

The Hamilton School at Wheeler
The Hamilton School at Wheeler is a unique place, a "school-within-a-school" contained within The Wheeler School in Providence, RI., serving children from Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts communities.  Founded in 1988 to serve bright elementary-grade children with language-based learning differences, the school celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2013. Many Hamilton students have been diagnosed with dyslexia (reading disorder), attention-deficit disorder (ADHD), executive function deficits, and/or specific language impairments.

Hamilton has a lower division for students in grades 1-5 and a middle school division for students in grades 6-8. Class size ranges from 5-11 students, depending on grade level. Our total enrollment is approximately 75-80 students. Hamilton is overseen by a program director, an administrative assistant, and has 13 full time faculty members. The program also shares faculty members with other Wheeler divisions in art, music, library, and physical education. Preparing children for mainstream educational settings after they leave Hamilton is a primary goal of the program.

Hamilton Lower School students have their academic classes in the Whitaker building on Wheeler's Providence campus. Hamilton 6th, 7th, and 8th grade classes are located within the Wheeler Middle School. Hamilton students are integrated with regular Wheeler students for art, music, library, physical education, Aerie (enrichment) classes, field trips, and special events. Hamilton students are also integrated for lunch periods and recesses, mini-courses, and activity times. This school-within-a-school model allows students to be taught in smaller instructional groupings by teachers who utilize specialized teaching approaches while also providing the opportunity for socialization in the wider school community.

Perhaps what sets Hamilton apart from other schools is its focus on remediating skill deficits while also helping students to develop their talents and interests. 

Whether you are a prospective parent, an alumnus or just a casual visitor of our site, welcome. We have a wealth of information including links to everything on Wheeler’s website and connections to many learning differences resources throughout the country.
2014 Hamilton Achievement Award Discusses Dyslexia
Admission Information

Complete information about the application and admission process for the Hamilton School at Wheeler

Learning Differences Information
Dr. Nadine Gaab presentation on summer "brain drain" and the link between music and executive function.

The International Dyslexia Association
Visit the IDA site to access more information and resources related to dyslexia.  Parents can join IDA for a nominal fee and access a wealth of resources.

Keynote address at Dunn/RIBIDA Conference, October 23,2010, Providence,Rhode Island

Learn about resources and events in Rhode Island and Massachusetts

Rhode Island Tutorial and Educational Services
Rhode Island Tutorial & Educational Services (RITES) was established over a decade ago to help students with various learning styles realize their academic potential. Also, RITES operates Hamilton's summer program. They are an excellent resource for tutors during the school year and in the summer.

How do we integrate technology in the classrooms?
Our teachers at Wheeler act as technology integrationists researching technology tools and choosing technologies that enhance curriculum, instruction and student learning. Teachers use their instructional expertise and content knowledge to identify innovative ways technologies may be used to teach their subject area disciplines.

Technology Integration at Wheeler
To learn more about the ways we are integrating technology into teaching and learning across the school, visit the Technology Integration Page.
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Appleseeds Winter 2015
Learn how Hamilton teachers are integrating specific technology into their students' day to enhance their education in a meaningful way.

Local magazine article about Hannah's Homemade Pies

Using Summer Well for Those with Learning Differences
Read Hamilton Director Jon Green's blog about how to use the summer months wisely.

Successes and Failures of an ADHD Mind
Find out how Hamilton graduate Paul Fathallah has grappled with his ADHD in the workplace.

Young Hamilton Entrepreneur
Find out how Hannah Stowe (finishing Hamilton 5th grade) turned a reading assignment into a business.

Appleseeds Spring 2014 (full issue)
Read the full Spring issue of Hamilton Appleseeds newsletter, featuring news about former and current students, as well as crucial summer information.
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A Look Back: 20th Anniversary Video 2008
Hamilton School News
Appleseeds Summer 2015
Find out what great academic endeavors happen at Hamilton after school hours...
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Oscar Winning Filmmaker Is 2015 Hamilton Life Achievement Recipient
Friday, February 27 independent film director and film producer Peggy Stern will be honored with Hamilton's 21st Annual Life Achievement Award.  Stern is dyslexic, and graduated from Harvard.  In 2005,  along with John Canemaker,  she received an Academy Award for best animated short film, The Moon and the Son: an imagined conversation. Her newest project is a fascinating social media project called "dyslexia-ville" which will be an interactive website for students wanting to learn more about dyslexia.   She is known for making documentaries with a social justice perspective. Peggy lives in New York City with her husband.  She has two children, Ben and Emma, who is also dyslexic.
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Contact Information
Joan Graff
Hamilton School Administrative Assistant

Jonathan Green
Director of the Hamilton School at Wheeler
Meet Hamilton's Director
In June 1992 Jonathan Green was appointed director of The Hamilton School at Wheeler. Jon graduated with a degree in Education from the University of Vermont in 1975 and earned a Masters Degree in Education from Harvard University in 1981. Jon brings to the field of learning differences 30 years of teaching experience. Prior to Wheeler, he taught students and administrated programs at the Landmark School in Beverly, Massachusetts and Mt. Abraham Union High School in Bristol, Vermont.

Jon is active locally and within the national LD community. He is a member of the International Dyslexia Association and was on the IDA National Board of Directors for six years.  From time to time Jon comments on his LDadvisor Blog.
Learn about our Programs
Curriculum Overview
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Hamilton Lower School
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Hamilton Middle School
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A program in Wheeler's Upper School for Hamilton alumni. Click here.

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Awards & Honors
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