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Thank you for a wonderful evening! Watch for photos soon!

Wheeler's Big Event

Questions About Wheeler's Big Event
Q. What is Wheeler's Big Event?

Q. Why do you have an annual fundraiser?

Q. How can I help at the Big Event?

Q. Is attendance limited to Wheeler community only?

Q. What does it cost to attend the Big Event?  Why do you charge a ticket price?

Q. Are there sponsorship opportunities that are showcased at the event?

Q. Where is the Big Event held?

Q. Is there assigned seating at the Big Event?

Q. What is the dress for the Big Event?

Q. Is the Big Event for children?  Can I bring my family?
Thank You To Our Sponsors
Big Event 2016 Live & Silent Auction Items
Download this list of exciting auction items (some new, some faves) for this year's Big Event!
Exciting Auction Items!
RSVP at this link!
RSVP and build your tables here at our secure site. See exciting Auction items as they are added and our Sponsors list!