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Grades 6 - 8

Middle School

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Curriculum Overview
Daily Life in Middle School
6th Grade Farm Program
Leave a Place Better Than You Found It is the motto of the Middle School. We like to think of our Middle School as a vibrant and joyful community where students are happy to come to school. Teachers are also happy to come to work because they have the freedom to develop and implement exciting and engaging curricula. They also genuinely like Middle Schoolers; unlike other Middle Schools where high school and elementary school teachers "cross over" to teach Middle School, Wheeler's Middle School teachers are dedicated experts in the age group. They are also dedicated in the sense that their collective goal is to know every student as an individual.  It is the norm that a teacher has detailed mental list of a student's strengths and weakness as well as knowing the her dog's name and ice cream preference. Students thrive knowing that while the academic, social, and individual standards are high, they are an integral part of a community of adults and peers who will support them.

This educational philosophy, outlook, and approach results in exciting and innovative programming.  Unique to the Wheeler Middle School is the Sixth-grade Farm Program, a unique educational opportunity that takes education out-of-doors to our nearby property in Seekonk, Massachusetts.  Other distinguishing features of our program are a series of courses on Unity & Diversity, an emphasis on environmental action, and our initiatives in place-based education, using the city of Providence to inform curriculum.

We hope you spend a few minutes learning more about our Middle School and invite you to check back often for current news and information.
Meet the Head of Middle School
Young Un joined the Wheeler faculty in 1990 as a history teacher, a role that he continues to enjoy today.  He has been the Head of Middle School since 1997, during which time he been a driving force in the development of the sixth grade Farm Program and helped in the creation of our Unity & Diversity curriculum.  About working with Middle Schoolers, Young says, "Of all the age groups, I like Middle Schoolers the most.  They still have a sense of idealism combined with a sense of purpose."  On Middle Schoolers at Wheeler, he adds, "They are bright, hard working, creative, and kind. When they make mistakes, they correct them and learn. Who wouldn't want to be around kids like this?"
MathCounts Program
Wheeler students have participated in MathCounts for many years. Over the past ten years, under the capable coaching of Upper School teacher, Tom Wharton, the Wheeler Team has placed among the top three teams in the state. For each of these years Wheeler has had at least one student represent Rhode Island on the state team at the national MathCounts competition.

The MathCounts program places an emphasis on exploring deeper mathematics and on enjoying its challenges, mysteries and magic. Students practice with their coach throughout the year and bring their advanced math understanding to their classrooms as well.
Middle School Scientists in Action
How do we integrate technology in the classrooms?
Our teachers at Wheeler act as technology integrationists researching technology tools and choosing technologies that enhance curriculum, instruction and student learning. Teachers use their instructional expertise and content knowledge to identify innovative ways technologies may be used to teach their subject area disciplines.

Technology Integration at Wheeler
To learn more about the ways we are integrating technology into teaching and learning across the school, visit the Technology Integration Page.
Student Life Spotlight: End of Year 8th Grade Trip
Bird Banding at Clay Head Preserve
Unique to Middle School are the trips that end our school year.  In the 8th grade, students and advisors travel to Block Island for three days.  The trip affords the opportunity for students to reflect on their time in Middle School: they read letters they wrote to themselves in 6th grade and at the beginning of 8th grade, create watercolor postcards to send as thank you notes to someone who has been especially helpful to them, and talk about what it means to be moving on to Upper School.  Among the many activities taking place during the trip, one adventure takes students and faculty to the Clay Head Preserve where they participate in bird-banding and data collection to monitor the migratory songbird population on the island. 

Click on the title to see a short bird banding video.
The Aerie Program, in its fourth decade at Wheeler, offers school-wide enrichment through an extensive set of curricular and extracurricular offerings.  Click here to visit the Aerie Program webpage!

Aerie Program

Contact Information
Lisa Mello
Middle School Administrative Assistant
(401) 421-8100 x126
Year Appointed: 2005

Young Un
Head of Middle School
(401) 421-8100 x125
Year Appointed: 1990
Student Voices
Student Interview with Ben Kilham for Wheeler Radio
1 Audio Clip
Published: 3/8/2013
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